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New Dimensions was great, really. The season really finished very strong.

By far the most interesting character is Bortus, simply because Moclan culture is like a "what if we smoked a shitload of weed and re-imagined Klingons but also didn't re-imagine them like STD"

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Literally all the time. I don't have time to make shit up.

If I'm running late and didn't even think about it before session start you're playing something ripped right off the day's headlines.

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>Is the translation any good compared to the original?
Which translation?

(It's been translated several dozen times.)

Are you asking whether the original epic poem is any good compared to the Industrial-era reimaging?

Because the answer is: it depends.

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>Not ONLY did I increase the amount of stats (to add more granularity and choice, so less rolls are under the same stat)

>Your post is awfully vague.
No it's entirely clear. You're bad and should feel bad.

>You don't have any kind of objective high ground here, you're just coming off as awfully smug and obnoxious.
Says the namefag.

I realize that since you're on /tg/ you probably have only played D&D and GURPS. I get that, I do. But there are a lot of other games out there that were designed after 1980 that have really improved game design in general. You should read some of them.

The reason you want less attributes -- and note that removing attributes is not the same as removing granularity -- is because they serve mostly to distract players from engaging with the narrative. The fewer statistical computations you're making them do, the more into the story they get.

This isn't rocket science -- that's what I do for a living -- but it's very easy to hit the pitfalls of game design, especially when it's babby's first homebrew.

Decrease the attributes and if you find you're not getting the granularity you think you need (hint: you probably don't need it) simply find a multiplier; it can be an arbitrary number or derived from one of the other attributes.

Smug out.

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Nobody I'd consider mentally impaired has ever played with me in a group, although that's not because I've been actively trying to avoid them.

I have PTSD, but I also have a dog who'll get in my face if I start getting worked up.

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Thanks anon.

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everyone complaining about everything and im like
what do I want to do in MK3?
>start a new army of course, but what looks cool and will be fun no matter what
>everyone bitches about nerfs and im like
>oh boy amazon has raptors for 55 dollars.

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