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>Don't have to render payment in Bongistan funny munny

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>Before now we have always assumed that the Wood elves that settled Athel Loren were abandoned colonists, separated from Ulthuan by the Sundering and the War of the Beard. Warhammer: Wood Elves contains some serious revelations on that matter. "As there always is, there's more to this story than first meets the eye," Mat smiles, knowing which gem of background information I have seized on. "The Wood Elves were predestined from ancient times. In the darkest hour of all Elfkind, the Daemons of Chaos sought to kill the Everqueen and her daughter, and thus destroy the resolve of the Elves forever. In desperation, Astarielle the Everqueen struck a terrible bargain with the spirits of the forest to save her children, the future of her race, for its present.

>"What has never been revealed before is the true cost of that bargain," Mat concludes, "Until now. The consequences have great meaning for the Wood elves.

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>I was chatting to my local store manager over the weekend about the new white dwarf system, and asked about what rules would be in the smaller one, as the press release seemed to suggest rules would be put in there. He told me that it would be nothing game breaking, and nothing 'critical' and they would, in his understanding from a meeting discussing it, be included in the monthly as well.

>That's all good, however, not the best bit! Whilst telling me about what will be in the weekly mag, he explained how they will go to weekly release schedule. Part of his explanation was that GW has an issue with how slow New kit releases are given that they now release an army a month. This means the opportunity to release kits for armies already updated is few and far between. Then he said "some stuff just wasn't finished or acceptable for release at the time of its parent codex, so now it is, and we are weekly, we can start puting stuff out like chosen and plastic Aspect warriors". after he said it he immediately looked like someone that just said something he shouldn't and walked off.

>Got a bit of a news item for you. I've seen a few pictures of a sprue with a number of finished models. The sprue and models in question are for a new chaos space marine infantry kit. They are supposedly intended to be a replacement for the standard chaos infantry kit but also have options for chaos chosen within the kit ala the space wolves packs' wolf guard.

>Design wise the models seemed to be a mix of ornate and non ornate armour pieces. There were a number of power weapons, combi weapons and what looked to be an autocannon in plastic. I was told that hopefully their release would not be far off and would be released with a few other chaos kits.

>One of the new kits would be a plastic havoc boxset. With lots of bits to add to the models.

>On the release date it's implied that the kits would be released in the 4th week of the month in the new weekly white dwarf.

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>Abnett writes the Emperor's Children marine in Pariah as a sadist

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>As I told you about a year ago, there are going to be more supplements for pretty much all the codexes, even Chaos Space Marines and Tau: though no work has really been done on the latter.

>There is not going to be another Eldar one in 2013.

>White Scars is one of the supplement codexes, and it is also complete (borderline printed) so logic dictates it'll be released a few weeks after the SM codex, but I don't have a street date for you.

>Space marines will be getting 2 supplement codexes though by the end of 2013, so again... chances are white scars will be one of them.

>For the Blood Angels and Space Wolves players, fear not you will be getting full codex support and not just supplements. Read between those lines.

From Faeit

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Finally, someone else understands

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I knew I felt something different after seeing this book, especially when one of the Warlord traits wasn't utter dreck.


If this sells when you might end up seeing some CSM supplements.


Codex SM will probably focus on the Ultras with any supplements being for more divergent Chapters such as White Scars, Raven Guard, etc.

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>Great Crusade books have been discussed.

>Abnett wants to do Unification Wars books

>Bligh - Xenos are in hiding. The Scouring allows them their revenge. We will not see Xenos in 30K.

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Ward is probably the best codex writer, I seriously hope he is working on Tau so my dreams of a capable all Kroot army can become reality.

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Thank God Ward is writing Warhammer 40k Chaos Demons. Only he could make them the adequate adversaries for the Grey Knights.

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