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> Just want to go on adventures with qt3.14s
> Like regular adventures around the table
> Except their characters and mine fuck at the end
> Want to explore deeper sexual/romantic themes
> Questions like "What would you do for love?", "Can one person truly 'own' another?", "Can righteous love be used as a weapon?" and "What's the line between affection and obsession?"
> Try to join an ERP
> mfw "The bear tears open your anus with its cock and coats your insides white with its bear-spooge. The barbarians around you howl in delight, heralding the coming of fox fuck goddess. Roll a Fortitude save to see if you get ass-pregnant."
> Every ERP is either scantily clad ditzes running around fighting monsters or girls getting fucked with giant floppy doggy dicks

Do I even want to ERP? Am I just setting myself up for disappointment?

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