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Parts of the Codex fluff can get over the top? In 40k? You don't say, what travesty is this?

>In the year 843.M34, the planet came under attack by the Night Lords after an initial period of observation. Their primary targets in this first strike were the planet's communications centers, which briefly got out a distress signal before being silenced. Despite their inhabitants being slaughtered in an orgy of violence, these centers were left completely unharmed by the Night Lords for their own nefarious purposes. With the planet's communication network seized, the Night Lords began to broadcast looping images, sounds and vid-recordings of savage butchery, blasphemous obscenities and dying screams. They next destroyed the planet's electrical grid and detonated nuclear-scale explosives in uninhabited areas of the planets. The resulting clouds of radioactive fallout blanketed the world in permanent night, causing radiation poisoning and mass panic in the population.

>The psychological trauma caused by the Night Lord's methods was tremendous. 14% of the population was estimated to have died from sheer fright, lacking any wounds but having suffered total nervous failure. Another third are thought to have taken their own lives rather than face the Night Lords once they began their "sport" of hunting down the survivors. The slaughter lasted for weeks, until every last man, woman and child was dead and their corpses profaned with the Night Lords' sigils.

>By the time the Imperial frigate Hand of Mercy responded to the initial distress signal, the Night Lords had already left. Grendel's World was completely dead, with corpses littered in streets still dark from the clouds of radioactive dust and smoke, yet not a single building had been damaged. After the initial investigation, a Scout Squad from the Mortifactors was sent to investigate and bring back data to determine a way to prevent such an attack from occurring again.

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