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Toki, that doesn't even make sense. How much have you been drinking here?

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As long as they don't fuck with your bread and butter, it's all cool.

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No apologies needed! I host these threads to answer questions!
It's sort of half-and-half. There are "Core" canon things which are the operatives, corporations, stories, events etc that show up in every game. The setting has a timeline and key players and such. Any good community material that fits the setting can be adopted into the core canon. Actually there's a lot of /tg/ stuff from the old WorldBuilding threads we had for this years ago.

There actually is a net gain wiki with lots of setting stuff, but it's shamefully out of date and needs to be updated, fleshed out, and edited before being made public. I don't want to get too far ahead/buried in setting stuff when I need to focus on gameplay at the moment.

love me some Weyland-Yutani. Didn't they get in Netrunner?

Well hopefully the update situation won't be for long. I'm not overly concerned, the last time I spoke with a lawyer it sounded like I was pretty well covered, I'd just be removing things to 'keep the peace' and avoid further entanglements.

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In an environment like this, I take pride in the simple and clean look. solid, flat... statuesque.

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So metal this guy should work for them.

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The Legal Tango: There's still one thing scarier than an assassin in the dark... a lawyer. The legal "industry" produces many sharp cutthroat talents and turns a beautiful profit, but they're pretty much always getting into trouble with other firms and sparking off shadow wars. Careful if you run with one of these companies, or they may spark off a fight that you can't win.

Also, some of those lawyer assets might be better used in the field... Unsurprisingly, a lawyer who's allowed to change the rules makes for a dizzying and potent operative.

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I think I'll let this one ride. I'm trying to focus on the Operatives update, so I'll post a new thread when that goes up!

the players willl meet the persona/vip ifthey follow the main story. the VIPs are people like Choir leaders, conglomerate CEOs, major celebrities... the movers and shakers that make an appearance in the world. Persona are the other characters in the story that are still seen but may just be other brokers, key story operatives, spies, etc. whatever the story calls for.

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That's our recruitment method for Klokateers, I am sueing them.

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Stone gives them Australia but still, from 3058-3079 I found it ironic as hell.

I get serious Dethklok vibes from it as well.

"Precentors, Precentors please pay attention, we're going to need to find someone to run Comstar Australia."

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Yeah I've already considered it, but... well, I've been waiting for somethign better, I guess. Figured I'd just make up my own icon at some point, because (and yes this is a shallow reason) the currency symbol doesn't look sexy enough. Especially in pixels, it really doesn't read well at that scale.

I've been wanting to make this game since... I dunno, 2009? 8? I could FEEL the cyberpunk renaissance in the zeitgeist... Deus Ex and Syndicate were really the big two to confirm it in games, though you could see it in film way before those.
I always thought it was more of the collective anger that "the Man keeps fucking up your life. Fuck that guy" that drove the cyberpunk upsurge. Collapsing economies and fat-cat bankers.... A whole big portion of the population got a huge dose of corporate dystopia in their own lives, and it's reflecting on TV shows, films, everything.

I was REALLY hoping to do this last year, which was the PERFECT window of zeitgeist, KJickstarter craze, and everything else... but keeping the lights on and a host of other things kept that window closed.

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There aren't commodities in the traditional sense, just Assets. it's kind of assumed that "business as usual" goes on, but that's not what brokers are interested in. brokers want the highlights, the cutting edge, the new finds. The assets represent those things that define the edge for a company. so there may be an asset defined as a new technique for conserving fuel, which gives your company an edge, and thus, a profit (and painting a picture of the rest of the world suffering form rising fuel costs in the process!).
The news ticker does a few things: it gives people story nuggets about the world, from new shows or games or slips (full VR), to new laws being apassed, to disasters, to wars and rebellion... it also sometimes reports on things you've brought about (that ol' simcity news ticker style!). The stories it puts up however, can be tagged, and work sort of like an "Operation of God". Tags about new products or whatever create that new asset which can be obtained int he world. a +Security tag spikes the security in a region, maybe tagged to a story of new surveillance tech or martial law. +conflict tags can be dangerous for anythign in a region, damaging assets, lwering security, or getting people killed. There arent many tags yet, but anything a mission can do, a tag can too (and vice versa)

No worries, mate :) Idea Guy conversations can still be fun, and they always make me thing of new ways to simulate a lot of complex concepts with simple mechanics!
I'm just working on these mock ups (not a actual priority, but I need "the pretty" for marketing reasons...) and taking a break, so I'm happy just talking and picking at the thing from any angle.

Pic: A true Broker.

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Also, one of the more fun end game things... hunting brokers.

First you need to even realise they ran an op. then, you investigate the op for dirt on them, and/or if they're running against you, you find out when they're planning a new op and catch them in the act.

Either way, if you manage to capture some runners, they'll either be the person who can tell you who the broker is, or know the guy who does. You follow that trail back to the broker herself, and hopefully you havent tipped your hand too much, and you can grab some information.

Now, Brokers are slippery fuckers. There's a good chance that guy is going to just vanish before you find him. but you'll have the threads to follow. put a task force on it for as long as it interests you, and eventually everyone stops running. And when they do, it should be obvious, but CAPTURE, don't kill. Brokers are like the royalty of feudal japan... holding on to some is always a useful trading card. Operatives know what they signed up for, but it's an unwritten rule that brokers aren't just put down. Hell, at the very least, they make great Analysts, and you can keep a close eye on them.

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Oh true, i mean he would be good on assassination jobs (as long as it's going according to plan), just that any mission where you're pushing your luck, he'd be a riskier choice.

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YES. exactly. Did you see the espionage video game guy who was on here last night? It sounds like a mission control sim!

I love that dynamic, but too often in these shows they focus way too much on the lead, though most still have some secondary support characters. Like burn notice is fun, but the plots are too overthetop, episodic, and... well, Miami Vice to be taken seriously.
I've liked Homeland and Rubicon because they focus more on the analyst/collecting information side, the support, the planning and the operation itself.
White Collar has also been pretty good for clever plots, but not so much for the support staff feel.

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both of these make good "Circles". S'hard to make broker traits that arent covered by a skill or contact/circle already.

In effect, the broker's circles kiiinda determines what sort fo runners will show up in their market. I'm still playing with this feature, but the idea is if you have criminal circles, you get more thugs and street thieves in your roster. if youre an old spook you mught get more federal types. military gets those guys, hacker communities, etc.

A trait that eases things with police (read: corporate heat) could be possible. I do like the idea of split loyalties as well... right now it's kinda a "majority rules" scenario, with people having 100% loyalty spread among their circles/parent corp. i'm still not sold on the loyalty system though, and think it's probably gonna be one of the first things iterated.

That was the initial idea, but I need a bunch of good stories (and the writers to make them) to do that. the current story is free. the idea was if it took off, to offer the first chapter free, and if you like it you can buy the rest of the book, but its current form is more of a test of the idea than an actual product. I'm hoping to be offering the playabler build of THIS for the kickstarter, sorta "Castle story" style, though I'm not sure how pretty/playable it'll be by january. As for stories, it's unity, so it runs perfectly on PC/mac/browser/whatever.

I like ALL ideas, thats why I like talking to /tg/!
that kind of idea would make for a better ineractive story for the phone game, though! The operative/conspiracy sim doesnt really tell those kinda stories.

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>Star Adder and bitches become the ilClan.

>Comstar already on edge of bankruptcy in Dark Age due to Blackout. 3150's push them over the edge.

>Feddies have a ruler so bad their state burns around them. Centuries of terrible domestic policy in favor of war material comes home to roost.

It is as we have forseen. Like all Battletech, the hints were there.

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How has this guy not been posted yet?

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uum who is this and how did he get in here?

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Put the boots to him. Medium style.

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Now boys, I've put alot of effort into this game for you.

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Seneschal ftw!

That is all...

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Hi /tg/ I am going to be playing a Seneschal with a group in Rogue Trader. Our gm knows about the setting, but I am the only player that knows more about the setting than the stuff people can get from playing the dawn of war games...

So I got the idea, our Dynasty is on hard times. The original Rogue Trader (My character's elder brother) was betrayed and most of the named characters including him died. Now I am rebuilding the dynasty by collecting his son, the clueless but fast learning heir, from whatever planet he rolls up, along with an A-team of talented individuals. They all know bunk about the universe because they have never left their home planet(except the one guy who might play voidborn, he just never left his sector of the ship).

It will be my job to help bring the entire Dynasty back up to its former glory, while educating the A-team and rogue trader on how the universe works.

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