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Neither man nor Valkrur shall stop him.

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Thank you kindly.

Incidentally this is how I stated Putin up in the game I'm currently running. None of my players is willing to go to russia.

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>>> "Okay!" He gets excited, and turns to the bard. "Gimme your flute! Okay! So. I uh... let's see... I crush the bat guano, stuff it in the silver flute, pour the acid in, and sprinkle ash on top. So the acetone from the ash will react with the acid and the guano should be rich in hydrogen peroxide. I then cast ray of frost at the flute to stabilize... and... I should now have Acetone Peroxide. I strike hard at the iron bars on the window until I get a spark, and the reaction heat should melt right through...">> then my fucking dwarf fighter goes, "Nuh uh, you can't. There's not enough Hydrogen Peroxide in guano to be an effective catalyst."
DC 35 knowledre alchemy check
as per "say YES or rolle the dice" guildline

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This is how I bbeg.

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This is how I warlord.

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> "Machine spirit, may our shots be true!"
Well, Upotte! is pretty much Machine Spirit Academy, so yes.

Altough higher up techpriest probably have Landraider and Baneblade raifus.

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"Elf Deck"

Norwood Ranger x2
Elvish Pioneer x3
Naturalize x3
Patron of the Wild x2
Wirewood Elf x3
Blanchwood Armor x2
Elvish Warrior x3
heedless One
Urborg Elf
Wirewood Herald
Krosan Cloudscraper
Trained Armodon
Primal Boost
Rites of Spring
Treetop Scout
Symbiotic Elf
Wirewood Guardian
Swiftfoot Boots
Stonewood Invoker
Spidery Grasp
Defiant Elf
Llanowar Elves
Elvish Guidance
Living Wish
Treetop Bracers
Enormous Baloth
Elvish Aberration

Basic Forest x19

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Is there anywhere where I can still buy a legal copy of The Riddle of Steel for a reasonable price? I only saw it on Amazon.. for 150$

Secondly, I heard the splatbooks significantly change the game, to the point where it feels very different. Is it for the better or the worse?

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very yes

(let's say Twitch took a picture)

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During G.W Bush's tenure, he made a visit to Russia where he ripped on the authoritarian shit Putin had been pulling in a most blunt manner. Putin was giving him a death glare, and a buddy of mine watching TV with me laughed and mentioned it'd be awesome if Putin busted out some of that black-belt Kung Fu skills he had.

I then observed that Bush, being a Texan, would probably pull out sixguns, forcing Putin to enter bullet-time to dodge.

Then we both went very quiet, contemplating the scene, and ever since, I've had a massive amount of WANT for that scenario. It is too awesome not to happen. Quest thread, flash animation, it must happen.

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What feat I should take for my level-6 Duskblade? Strength-based, has Power Attack, Battle Caster, and Versatile Spellcaster.

Picture not totally unrelated

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So really, I can be an anti-government agitator all the fuck I want in Somalia and Afghanistan and Kenya, and the worst that'll happen to me is that I get sent to prison for two years.


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hell yeah motherfucker!

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ITT: Character concepts you have always wanted to try; in any system. Include characters you rolled, but never got to use. Here are a few of mine, to get things rolling:

1. Highly aggressive, slightly unhinged Sparrow Bushi with a massive chip on his shoulder. Has an unsettling habit of switching from diplomacy to threats in a seamless heartbeat.

"Ah, I am a wandering Sparrow!"

"Oh god, he's talking-"

"Let me sing you the song of fuck with me and die."

"What? Why you-"

"No, no, it's an actual song. There's a dance that goes with it, I need a partner. Preferably somebody you're not too attached too."

2. Human Shadowrun character that can arm-wrestle with (weaker) trolls. Little offensive specialization, but every body armor/protection mod known to man or dragon. Only goes Running to gain capital for his dream of opening a pony farm.

A few more....

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I am back, with delicious Waffles in tow.

I shall now hold open court, during which /tg/ may air its grievances against the crown and their fellow anonymous *without fear of reprisal!

*reprisals may or may not occur after the end of open court

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This is how I ranger

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Putin makes for a great villain, or boss for characters in a modern world RPG.

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6 people so far, we may run the kingmaker adventures for the time being. This may be some last bump, so have some Putin.

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ITT: Awesome stories from your family's history that would serve as great tabletop game adventures.

Back in The Day, my Grandfather on my father's side (second-generation Greek immigrant,) owned the restaurant concession in the Hotel Detroiter. At this restaurant, the Purple Gang had an open tab.

Now what was the Purple Gang, you ask? Well, back in the 30s, when all the famous Detroit auto-makers- Pontiac, Oldsmobile, etc, were being congomerated into General Motors- if some smaller companies didn't want to join, GM would send their thugs to... convince you to join GM.

Well, Henry Ford wasn't going to have any of that bullshit, so he went and hired his OWN thugs; a gang of bootleggers called the Purple Gang, to thug the thugs. And to entertain his private anti-thug thug army, Henry Ford kept an open tab for them at the food concession of the Hotel Detroiter, which my grandfather owned and ran.

This could be taken straight for a GURPS 1930s gangsta game, or modified for Cyberpunk/Shadowrun.

Your turn, /tg/.

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