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Hey i was wondering if it was kosher to use GW minatures and ruleset in a video explaining a related product. I am planning far in the future to do a kickstarter for something that would i would like to demonstrate using GW models and rules because they are the ones that I am most familiar with other than pathfinder which i'm sure that paizo wont give a fuck when i use them too.

Should I contact GW legal to be sure? Does anyone have their contact info?

And no i'm not going to say what the product is cause i'm still figuring out how the fuck patents work as well as learning some of the hardware skills to implement my project

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Every find a gif of that image?

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Nids teaming up with grey knights.

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Does she keep up with your shit?
If she does she is the one, that is how I knew I had to get my gf a ring.
I have no idea what she sees in me....

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New 40K FAQ's hit: http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/ntent/article.jsp?categoryId=10008&pIndex=1&aId=3000006&multiPageMe=true&start=2

in it you will find the following, both at the spacemarines and the rulebook page:

Q: Land Speeder Storms, Stormraven Gunships and
Stormtalon Gunships are all listed as Space Marine vehicles
in the Reference section. Does this mean that every Space
Marine Chapter now has access to these vehicles as well (i.e .
Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Grey Knights etc.)? (p411)
A: No – you may only select units and vehicles that are
available in the army list section of your codex. The two
exceptions are the Stormtalon and Stormraven Gunships,
which are only available to armies chosen from Codex:
Space Marines and Codex: Black Templars. The rules for these
Flyers can be found in the Death From the Skies

does this mean i have to worry about cheese lords at tournaments claiming i cant field storm ravens as a bloodangels player (or GK for that matter)?

also general 40k Thread

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Oh for the love of god!

>Viewing may result in visit but Inquisition.

I obviously meant by. How the hell did I make that mistake?

Perhaps the warp dust's getting to me.

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