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Rate my list nerds.
1000pt marauder/barbarian themed.
X1 Exalted deathbringer with spear (General)
X1 exalted deathbringer with great axe
X1 bloodsecrator
X1 bloodstoker
X20 bloodreavers with 2weapons and full command
X20 blood reavers great axes full command
X10 khorne marauder horsemen with javelins and command
X1 khorne warshrine.

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Thats a little too vague without more information on the setting. For all I know, pic related could be the voice of the people since I don't know what said people want

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Hurling Barbarian archetype with a returning enchant on his shield or a Greater Belt of Mighty Hurling.
You can take all the normal ranged feats as well that applies to thrown weapons and go for the hurling line of rage powers.
Remember to have a backup weapon or two.

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>I will drink from your skull!

Man I love rolling into a village and finding it infested with bandits. Oh my god, I love that so much.

>The town is infested with 40 Sea Raiders.

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Ever play "I Have No Mouth But I Must Scream"?

Spoilers, super intelligence takes over all the other super intelligences in the world, and then nukes the fuck out of everyone.

I sure do wonder how that happened.

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Everyone said they had a really good time our first session, so I'm hopeful. We probably shouldn't drink near as much next time though. It got to a point where we had to stop playing.

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Just play him like the moria troll in the lotr films.

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So i've created a half orc Barbarian called Bronx.
Post all things barbarous so i might find inspiration on how to play him.

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Drunken master

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Take both and you have invulnerability and weakness to both fire and frost? Seems a bit silly they're not mutually exclusive.

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A booster box of Lorwyn/Shadowmoor/Morningtide/Eventide

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I've never really seen a downside to a woman on their period, especially during sex. She's more sensitive so she'll enjoy it more and you get to roleplay that your dick is William Wallace and you need to liberate Scotland from tyranny. Imagine that glorious moment with me for a second guys. Pulling out and seeing the gore of all your imaginary foes spread from your sack to her crack and all over the sheets...and you get to cry out "FREEDOM!" as you send your "armies" into her "Battlefield."

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i have found several blueprints for quickfort but there seems not to be any page collecting all of them

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Hello /tg/.

This is my character.

What is he like?

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>Player or Gm
Any, as long as you are willing to send the books.
EST. Any day after 8-9pm
>Contact Info
Skype:Seduction Barracuda

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Guys, let's forget about our differences. We sacrifice virgins, you sacrifice virgins. We do it for our glorious gods of battle, you do it to trees or some shit.

Let's share. There's enough for everyone.

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Don't destroy my favorite antag role Agouri! ;_; That's all I ask.

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>his face when

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