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Started painting my LRL wardens. Stuck to the purple/green like Eltharion's cape (pic related) but nothing really worth photographing yet.

There's so many to choose from though!
>Shadow elves chase down freed Slaanesh
>Aelven pantheon vs Chaos 4 (Teclis vs Tzeench, Malerion vs Khorne, Allarielle vs Nurgle, Morathi vs Slaanesh)
>All points get fucked with by Skaven. Cool Archaon vs Great horned rat show down.
>This >>74422443 happens and forces that were once enemies are now fighting together to try to re-establish order/normality as the realms become too volatile/unstable for habitation
>Something something something SCE the most likely outcome

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>not wanting your sparkle elves to be covered in glitter
Come on man!

It's actually Turbodork's pearlescent colour shift paint. Photos look shit. I went with sunrise for Dawn Riders and and purple night sky with aurora for the Auralan stuff.

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>sparkle elves shouldn't have glitter

Jokes aside it isn't glitter, it's pearlescent paint. The photo doesn't do it justice.

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