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"Radio station. Working our way up a supply chain could take too long, we should take a more direct route."

"Most excellent," Saul says. "You guys want a ride? I'm parked on the street."

"I...really? I kind of thought we'd have to fight a lot of guys on the way there," you say.

"Yeah, this...this seems convenient," Tatsuya says. Sounds disappointed. Probably hoped he'd get to smash his way through a horde of enemies to reach it.

"Yeah, it's that...one..." Saul's voice drops as the three of you reach the streetcorner.

"The one that's on fire?" you ask. A dozen Waifus in a mixture of mismatched Japanese costumes - hakamas paired with high school uniforms, kimonos being worn open like trenchcoats - stand between you and the car, backlit by the flames. A teenaged girl steps forward, flanked by katana-wielding Waifus.

"I hear you motherfuckers broke up a dice game we had goin'," she says.

"The Cogs did. Those total motherfuckers," you say. It's half true.

"I also hear you say anime's for little kids," she says.

"That's not a problem, is it? I mean, you are a little kid," Tatsuya says. He seems unfazed by the Waifus producing a mismatched scattering of Japanese weapons.

"BANZAAAAAAI!" the little girl screams. The Waifu horde charges forward.

>What do?

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