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>just make your players avoid, CHANGE, REPLACE SOME of the default rules of the game, LIKE REASONABLE PEOPLE DO SINCE ALWAYS.

Now, was that so hard, Anon-kun?

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Ow boy, were to start:

1. Mislead your players into thinking that they are doing good. I once got my players to side with a militant movement in an area being colonized by a technologically superior civilization employing a mercenary army to relocate and terrify the natives. The militants were led by this crazy V (for Vendetta) type character who convinced the players to sabotage a whole bunch of the Merc's operations and finally assist in stealing a whole train load of guns for the resistance. Problem was, after the train capades the Merc's tore up the contract and pulled out of the region, leading to ethic cleansing levels of violence as the natives rose up against the colonizers. Nice job guys.

2. Having friendly NPC's that are actually helpful/friendly/amusing and make horrible things happen to them, both in their back story and through the plot.

3. Make your players feel small, describe environments as being enormous, decaying, like your they are rats struggling to survive in the bones of the old world.

4. However bad your villains are give them motivations that your players could see themselves agreeing with, while making the "good" characters kind of hard asses with the right idea. Remember Evil=/=Cruel & Good =/= Nice. Just being evil cause its so much fun to wallpaper you mansion with orphans while getting sucked off by an underage koboled isn't interesting.

5. Always have a ray of sunshine. Whenever you shit on your players allow them to see a little glimmer of hope, of the thought that things could get better in the future if they keep struggling. If its all Grimderp all the time then they get desensitized to it, they have to have juxtaposition.

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>what's the best regiment
Krieg, FTW.

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Woo! thank you kindly.

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>Reporting the stealth reporting of someone who announced that they were reporting someone else
Keep love in your heart anon
Just like Mr. Rogers would have wanted

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For you!

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My pleasure, Anon. Just don't into propaganda - it's not inherently evil what comes from the Eye of Terror.

Kind of...


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This one?

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Ah a good ole Guard thread.... So... Praying for a good docex before GW implodes

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And yet when it comes to the really sanity blasting shit, the sort of shit that leaves space marines and sororitas clawing their own eyes out, the Death Korps just carry on as normal.

Their big saving grace is that nothing bothers them.

Only breed of man that requires commissars to convince them to tactically withdraw and not carry on fighting in a neat and orderly fashion.

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How does a player (and DM) keep a character with Vow of Peace/Nonviolence relevant to the goings on in the game? Its undeniable that a large part of adventurers' activities include fighting with and harming other creatures.

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ahh, so they don't really care to much.

and how does the playtesting work, do you have an IRL group or is it online? and are you actually doing a campaign or loads of one-shots so you can test more stuff?

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ahh, I've never read the DKOK BL books

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Man, I have a lot of duplicates this far in.

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>Obvious truth
What is there to discuss?

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don't mix the Willpower test to retreat with suicidal, it's more like stubborn.

and remember that kriegers do have personalities, it's just the commanders see their men as consumables. Just play them like WW1, but less sad a being stuck in a trench all day

I'm at entering the wall (about to describe the lovely murals) and it's already at 350 words, may take a while...

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Also is my idea or are some skills completely useless and redundant?

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Born to no parents, child to the machine, without names to put on graves so none can ever mourn them, their only reason to live is to die.

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If the IG regiment has been stationed somewhere for a really long time and the local populace gets friendly with them...

Long term sieges can last for generations

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A Steel Legionnaire with a flower in his coat kicking some ass.

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Time for more IG! (not OP)

>Giving a Krieg a flower
Oh boy

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