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It is that time again.

I have followed some of the previous threads, and would like to point out a few things I think people got wrong when talking about the combat/damage system. I am not trying to defend the atrocious way things are explained in the Beta, but I believe several things that are considered huge problems are actually just misunderstood because of the poor wording.

Melee is now a single attack roll, and Degrees of Success decide how many attacks actually hit (as it was handled before with automatic fire of ranged weapons already). This makes the Unarmed combat pneumatic hammer frequency thing a lot less problematic, because evven if theoretically you could land dozens of hits, in practice this is hard capped by the Degrees of Success.

Wounds are now a state and no more a characteristic. Damage as we know it is not kept track of anymore between individual hits. This means if you hit someone with 1 damage bypassing defenses, the 1 damage causes one wound and the result for 1 on the crit table, and then it is gone. This means crit effects become drastic a bit slower than some people assume. What is also important is that Wounds generated do not affect hits from the same attack (this has only been explained in an example on p. 209 instead of being very prominent in the Wounds section, seriously: WAT, FFG?). This means if you attack once causing multiple hits&wounds, those will NOT stack instantly and cause insanely quick crits. The wound effects of increasing the crit value will instead take effect from the next ATTACK, not the next HIT.

Example: I attack Goony McHenchman in unarmed combat. My roll is 27 and I have 43 WS. This means 1 hit for rolling under, and 2 additional hits for comparing the first digits (2 and 4, 2 difference), so I score 3 hits with my attack. The first hit does 8 damage, so compared with my enemy's defense of 6, 2 damage actually arrive. This means the hit causes a wound and a purely flavor crit effect.

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ok, here is a thought.

Nids hate Necrons due to the fact that necrons have no value to the nids, no biomass to produce from metal.

C'tan are seen as pieces of their former self/a piece from their whole. They hate the warp due to its chaotic nature of ruining ones shit (physically and spiritualy). however, they are more worried about the physical side due to the C'tan only having power in real-space.

There are only 4 C'tan left, two we know are awake and well is the Nightbringer and Deceiver. Dragon is asleep (in mars?) and the other whom is nameless has gone mad...

If all is said and done...what the fuck is the point of Necrons if their leaders or what they worship is all but dead or torn apart? They harvest for what then? For themselves? For a greater good? or just a auto-feature built in when they changed?

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Nevertheless, the popular view is that they must be up to something.
As on Venus, the Cult of the Serrated gear is not welcome on Luna - the keepers of the Word prefer that they remain as the only religion venerated on the world. Several centuries ago, Lham Kha Alif moved in, and that was that. Now, the Cardinal and Lham Kha Alif work hand-in-glove. Whatever LKA couldn't get away with on Uranus, they can on Luna.

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Hey /tg/. I want to start doing some writefaggotry for /tg/. I have enjoying the writefagging I have seen during my time here and want to contribute to my favorite board. Any requests?

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Just give me more terrifying robotic constructs, thats all I want. Horror robots.

Like this guy <, only smaller.

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