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I have to say this ruleset will help me immensely. I her easily flustered and constantly for get my own rules, I'm also a chronic and fickle collector, so whenever I decide to get a squad I never stick with one army. But I have a bunch of small little 1000 point armies I've built over my life and these rules will give me the power to effectively use them. Not to mention my usual player scene and friends prefer smaller more narrative battles.

So I just want to say thank you

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There's also a bit of fluff where the Yiffs were fighting a Slaanesh/Khorne deamon force and this bro-tier radical inquisitor comes along and gets to infight and destroy each other without none or barely any human casualities. Then some conservative inquisitors come along and execute the radical one, which gets the yiffs pretty butthurt. So the yiffs can be friendly towards an inquisitor. Like some other anon pointed out, the inquisiton is splintered with different factions.

Are there already scans up, or when can we except them?

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- GM or Player
- Systems Preferred
I've really only played Dark Heresy, but I'm quite familiar with that, looking to get into Rogue Trader as well
- Timezone
Newfoundland -3:30 GMT
- Contact
skype: shamshocked

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Sup /tg/, Im taking part in a friend's Black Crusade game starting this weekend and need some advice. My character is your usual violent, recidivist psyker, covered in burn scars and with a knack for violence and a short temper.

On the surface anyway,

In actuality, he is an undercover radical Inquisitor, here to to destroy or subvert the powerful artifact the party is after, and also hamper them in a number of other ways throughout without being detected.

This includes killing other PCs when and where possible while maintaining cover.

Any advice brothers? I have some ideas of my own but am open to suggestions.

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The Papal Inquisition did a similar thing, because they didn't want to have to be arsed to go and get you. However, this wasn't much help, because if you didn't respond, it meant that you were excommunicated, and after you were excommunicate for one year without reconciliation you were considered an obstinate heretic (because you apparently didn't care about being excommunicated and not able to take communion etc., which is denying the sacraments!) by default and thus, if they caught you, would be burned.

And if you thought you could run without being caught, you were probably wrong. Here's one of my "favorite" cases:

-Arnaud Ysarn of Toulouse is convicted of heresy at age 15 for once being told to "adore" a heretic by his father and confessing, 1309 CE.

-Imprisoned 2 years, sentenced to wear crosses and perform pilgrimages.

-Finds that he can't find work because no one will hire someone wearing heretic's crosses, takes them off and flips off the Inquisition, gets a job.

-Cited to appear before the Inquisition, 1312, flips them off again, doesn't go (for good reason).

-Excommunicated 1315, condemned as an obstinate heretic 1319.

-Captured 1321, "mercifully" sentenced to life imprisonment on bread and water 1322, died in prison at an uncertain date.

Fuckers did NOT give up.

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Forgeworld models of Horus Heresy suits and such can be used by any player styling his army on having lots of older equipment (A Dark Angels successor springs to mind can't remember the name).

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Inquisitor Bernard Gui of the Ordo Hereticus responding. I have command of a company of Adepta Sororitas three clicks from your position North-Northwest. Please report immediately for post-action interrogation and decontamination.

*Sister in background giggling* "Yeah decontamination with promethium right?"

*Whispered* Sister Ardenta, shut the fuck up, please, we want them to actually show up. Don't make me spank your ass again ... actually, I think I'll do that anyway ...

*Coughing* Anyway yeah comrade soldier, please report to this position immediately, we have fresh water, hot promethi-- I mean, meals, MEALS, grox steak even, and lho sticks aplenty waiting for you! You plebeian types like that stuff right? We got it!

Inquisitor Gui out.

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Works for me, I love Sister Rhengard and Cultist. Have a few hundred pics of her myself.

Appreciate the company anon

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Anyone else feels like protesting the Emperor's will? Thought so. Now get on the ships!

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I'm thinking about it so much I think the game is actually real...
GW needs to do it. Stop the SPESS MEHREEEEENZZ turbowank train for just a second and give the poor downtrodden sods of the Guard the spotlight. Or a spot of pure darkness and despair because it needs to be absolutely GRIM as FUCK.

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Basically, you start out as an acolyte, and gradually accumulate bling over the course of a few years.

When you have a big enough hat that you can kill a dude in the middle of the street without anyone giving a shit, you're an Inquisitor.

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Bumping with images before this ends up on page 8.

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This is the fate of the unclean. Remember this, and do not stray. If you do, I will render you the same service.

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It's 500xp to start, and I think Mechadendrite Use could be a good start. Any Origin Path or starting gear ideas?

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>offering your soul to Slaanesh
Sure is heretical ITT.

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Yeah, mostly by humans against other humans.

You'll scarcely find anything of the sort in the Tau version of the ''Greater Good''.

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Also thinking of having him submit applications to be trained as an actual commissar. Thoughts?

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