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So, what's the best army to start on a 100 dollar budget in Kill Team?

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I try. :3c

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>Imperial Commissar obsessed with heroism
>Alcoholic Sniper
>Extremely unlucky Techpriest
>pair of Outcasts with an affinity for finding alternate means of travel
>unusually upbeat astropath

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keep posting anon. Its a rather refreshing perspective.

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>cultist leader convincing a rogue trader and his servant to make a pact with the ruinous forces

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>make fun of him
>wonder if I'm so drunk that I keep on misunderstand him
>ignore him

One of these 3 realistically.
In the impossible event that he could somehow prove everything, we'd probably do it if he promised us direct cash and guns to kill the Goblins.

Though I'd get paranoid as fuck after the mission. I mean, if Goblins exist, what else can exist.

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"After the Queen discovered magic and took over Hogwarts, fluffy got replaced.."

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Yep, FFGs canonized Beowulf, LIIVI and Boone (from Ragged Edges of Raege, and thus canonized the whole Ragged Edges thing). There might be one or two more but those are just off the top of my head

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TL;DR; run black sepulchre or should i find something different? it which case, what?

fledgling GM here. first time game was edge of darkness and we had a fucking great time.
but that is a long time ago. wanting to start this again, I promised to gm on sunday.
i'm pretty busy friday and saturday so i really only have today and tomorrow to prepare.
i've tried to wing it before and it doesn't really work out that well, too slow. i spend enough time looking up rules and notes without having to invent shit all the time. so i'm looking for a premade campaign.

i picked up Black sepulchre ages ago but i haven't read through it yet. reviews seem to bomb it, what do you think?
i can't really pick up a new one as the store is far away. any alternative will have to be printable pdf or something.

i got my two regulars at rank 3. noble born scum and deathworld assassin and possibly a new player.
can you recommend me a community made campaign or something?

our first game of edge of darkness was such a blast and we played it through in one 8 hour session.
is there anything that compares well?

thanks for your time
also, DH GM general

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the idea of sororitas lolis is strangely appealing

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I played a game earlier today and over the course of the game, had a couple disagreements over rules. Neither of them would have affected the outcome of the game, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't being the dipshit here by thinking I was correct. If I was wrong, I owe the guy an apology and maybe a beer.

The first question was about Necron Royal Courts. Can Necrons take a Royal Court without first taking an Overlord? I said that they cannot, because the rules text says for each Necron Overlord in the army, you may take one Royal Court which does not count against your HQ slots. He said that the Court may be taken without the Overlord, but that if you do so then the Court counts as your HQ slot.

The second dispute was over linebreaker. I said that Linebreaker is only ever worth one point because the rules text says that if there is at least one scoring or denial model in the opponent's deployment zone, you gain one point. He said that you get one point for each such model in the deployment zone.

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Ed: Feral World Warrior
DD: Techpriest Leximechanic
Eddy: Hive Scum. Bathering it up bitch.

This is 3/5 of my group.

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this is how I rogue trader.

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/tg/, I have a bit of an issue in Dark Heresy and could do with some plot advice.

A while ago, one of my players became a Wyrd, and was later cast out of the party and left for dead. Since then, his character became an NPC bad guy who wants revenge. He kidnapped the Commissar party leader's protege/ adopted son/ assistant guardsman, in the hope that he could convince them that the party was in the wrong and 'turn' him. Essentially, his vengeance would be the only thing the party leader loves turning against him.

Here's my problem. It's been 5 months IC, and the guy's plan is retarded. He vastly overestimates the psychic potential of a ganger scum wyrd, he assumes that he could convince a diligent and Emperor-fearing guardsman to turn on his mentor and superior officer by telling him facts that he already knew and was present to witness. He's s loyal as can be, and even rolled the outcome of all of his character-turned-villain's actions, and all were failiures. Since then the guardsman has been leaving secret messages for the party leader to find, and pretending to go along with the villain's plans.

My question, simply is this; How do I pull this off without lookiing a jerk and disregarding the player's vengeance?

Unless I give the guardsman a total personality rework, ramp up the gangers powers and throw continuity to the wind, it simply won't work, but don't want it to just be what is essentially a DMPC to turn around, slap his shit and carry on with the party.

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/tg/, how the fuck do I figure out what models are Characters? Is the Apothecary in my Command Squad a character? The Company Champion? How about all the nobz/meganobz in a squad?

Precision Shooting and Precision Strikes make this important. Is there a list in the rulebook?

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