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>Just finished the Eisenhorn collection
This, OP. Eisenhorn usually tops my recommended list. Ravenor is also a good rad (after Eisenhorn, of course) but slips up a bit, I think.

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On the subject of WH40k, Taylor Hebert would basically go full Eisenhorn.

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>How do you you plan on re-designing a codex which has very few none-grey knight to have a faction which cannot use grey knights without adding any new units?
If we're publishing a Codex Grey Knights? Cut the Radical stuff and release a .pdf supplement that focuses more heavily on the Inquisition. Grey Knights as elites, Storm Troopers and/or pdf as troops.

If we're not publishing a successor to Codex daemonhunters/Witchhunters? Keep Stormtroopers around as Troops. Make them functional.

>Daemonhosts belong in any henchmen squad.
Greg had one so every Inquisitor does! Let's just ignore that all of his interactions with Cherubael push the development of his character from Strict Puritan to Hunted Radical into Possible Heretic.

Or did you just mean for crunch's sake? Because that flows swiftly into asking why there are even multiple Codices to begin with.

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So anybody got the Echoes of Ruin Horus Heresy Audio Drama collection?

Cuz I don't want to pay 20 bucks just for Wolf's Claw.

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Man I would love a Mordheim/Necromunda style skirmish style game set aboard a space hulk. Raiding parties from the Inquisition, Space Marines, Orks, Eldar and Rogue Traders, all exploring for their own motives, clashing with each other and the creatures that inhabit it.

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Op, don't listen to this (>>28229681) stuck-up, old puritan. You have to realize that ultimately, the only way to defeat Chaos is to make use of Chaos; learn to harness it, stay in control and don't forget those hexagrammatic wards. It's not like using Chaos in moderation would kill everything you ever loved or stood for, you see?

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>Daemonhosts too (Greater Daemonhosts?).

nigga you just went full heretic.

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Eisenhorn has done a lot of good, but he's not exactly what would be described as a great warrior of the Imperium or Spiritual Liege material.

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>Inquisitor Eisenfeels

no thats this one. that one is ummm ravenor or something. didnt read that series

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this is just a reminder that all the HH surviving primarch are complete failures. when the IOM needed them the most, they all rolled over and died/killed themselves.

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So, according to the rumors I've heard/read, the next Black Box in the next couple months is going to be an Inquisitor-like game in 28mm? I think that's awesome and all, but does anyone have more info?

Meanwhile, INQ28/40k Skirmish/Kill Team General.

(Also, myself and my housemate were bummed that it wasn't a refurbished Blood Bowl, like we thought...)

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Have you read Eisenhorne? Read Eisey-kun first.

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just be careful being assertive as their is a difference between confident and persuasive and being arrogant and an asshole.

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You shut your whore mouth

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>/tg/ writes better fluff than Games Workshop

No seriously, this shit is pretty golden.

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Be the tank.

Nothing inspires awesome more than wading through a sea of punishment to deliver a fist full of Justice.

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Eisenhorn done in either the style of a gritty Noir film or something very much like Sin City.

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Emprah's bound to his golden throne
Leaving us to fight for him
A prayer inscribed on your chest
The future looks increasingly grim.
Future's looking increasingly grim!
All in all it was just a chip in the wall.
All in all it was all just chips in the wall.

"You! Yes, you! Stand still traitor!"

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