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> playing pathfinder
> GM Magical Realm baiting hard
> trying to contain boner
> suddenly realize I'm a grown ass man being given an erection by another grown ass man who is pretending he's a 19 year old girl
> leave and never role play again
True Story

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This just happened
> Party fighting Mad Science creation
> Mess of body parts from dozens of animals
> how the fuck its even alive is a riddle for the ages
> can't even find its front end
> it's killed
> my Barbarian announces he'se gonna thourghly re-kill the corpse
> GM gets upset
> "It's dead. No point to re-killing it"
> Dude, we don't know how it was alive
> GM declares that I can only re-kill it if I role perception and find it's not dead
> Role 16
> "You think it's dead"
> of course
> "hey Druid, this looks dead. You wanna take a look? It's your area"
> GM gets pissed and declares we all leave the chamber
> it's gonna come back, I just know it

Next session
> Barabarian tries to bring Cane-sword into meeting
> "I'm sorry sir, you can't take that in here"
> you would deprive an old man of his walking stick?
Oh yea, barb is 60 year old mentor type
> "I'm sorry sir, were not letting anybody take anything that could be a weapon"
> But its not, look
> "drop the cane or leave sir"

Someone here is being a dick and its not me.

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> Turns out the lesbian catgirls had the contraband t-shirts this whole time!
> it's in Von Wallenstiens haunted wine cellar!
> Only the abandoned Russian nuclear sub can get us there before nightfall

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Have shit job, can confirm

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At one does someone role-play too much?

> inb4 larping
I mean obviously but that's like saying 'you know you've drunk too much water when you're literally drowning'

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Online friends who reached into the depths of my sad existence and exalted me to Pathfinder. I made a narcoleptic rogue who wound up being party face. The next game I ran myself and everyone had fun and here I am today.

The end.

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After a few sessions, ask your players what they think. They will probably avoid real criticism, but try to dig it out of them. Remember to keep thick skin and that everyone is a beginner. Also offer constructive criticism. Try not to hurt anyone's feelings, but if you need to say something, say it. But be sure to keep it constructive. "You suck" or "that's great" isn't helpful. "Be sure to speak up, don't let ____ hog the spotlight" or "I'm loving the atmosphere and descriptions" is.

And people get really wound up when it comes to these types of games. Don't forget it's a game and the object of the game is to have fun. It's not about any individual winning. It's about fun.

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Hey /tg/, I'm in need of advice.

I'm going to be spending the next few months designing a new tabletop game from the ground up, and before I go into any long explanation, my request is I need to know what system would be best to start as a model.

To elaborate a bit for those who care, I've been doing the D&D thing for about two decades now (3E, 3.5E, and 4E), with time spent playing World of Darkness, Warhammer, and Pathfinder. So obviously I'm not quite as well-versed in RPG's as many of you are, which is why I've come asking for advice.

I spend roughly 75%+ of my work days sitting around working on my next PF game or writing books, so I'm not hurting for time to work on this. My coworker (whom I share my work with) suggested I do a Kickstarter and bring my ideas to life, and after some thought, I think it's not that bad of an idea.

I wouldn't be starting the Kickstarter right away; actually probably not for a while (until I've got a good amount of preliminary work done). Still, I'd like to start step one by figuring out what dice system to use.

I'd like the game to have a "pick up and go" type feel; the type that allows for fun role playing sessions (perhaps multiple, even campaigns) but is fairly simple to get the hang of right away, with easy overarching rules that guide most characters. The tone is supposed to be somewhat cartoony and silly, as I'm an avid supporter of the idea that things that are fun and silly can still be taken seriously.

So with that in mind, what kinds of dice systems would you recommend as a starting point? Also, since I don't know that many, brief descriptions would be nice. Thanks!

Also, pic unrelated.

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