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Tell me more of this Mod.

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C'mon its just a page, anybody wana even berate it a bit?

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Hate to ask, but anybody got a ling to a scan?

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Saint Celestine

Uriah Jacobus

Death Cult Assassin
Storm Bolter

Battle Sister Squad x4
Extra Member
Simulacrum Imperialis
Meltagun x2
Storm Bolter
Luad hailer

Repentia Squad
Extra Member
Storm Bolter

Seraphim Squad
Two hand flamers x2

Dominion Squad
Simulacrum Imperialis
Meltagun x4
Storm Bolter
Luad hailer

Storm Bolter

Penitent Engine

Retributor Squad
Simulacrum Imperialis
Multi-melta x4

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I'm planning on picking up 1 of each pose and casting my own. I believe it to be cheaper to buy the casting tools and materials than purchasing this army.

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Do we know the event around Mortarion's Defeat? Was his power at a low outside of the ward? Had he been fighting Greyknights before Draigo decided to jump in all "leeeeroy" and KS the big bad primarch?

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My theory is that it will be a rehash of the Starwars Battlefront series.

They've mentioned thousands of characters on a battlefield at once. The only way they could balance the PC's would be to balance the overall forces. As in an Ork vs Marine match Orks would have Thousands of NPCs running around and Players are dropped in as squad leaders and such. On the marine side a few dozen NPCs back up the Players. Overall this would follow the fluff and allow the differing races to be represented rightfully. At the same time if a particular battlefield has no one one it the NPC's could keep the "persistent" aspect up.

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I'm thinking of modeling them after the legion of the Dammed.

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A next gen 40k version of Starwars battle front.

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I use an ipod app that tracks Initiative, Hp, and Status effects. As for the board its one of 6 themed (forest, urban, ect) vinyl grided maps, on top of witch I use tons of papercraft buildings and such. Each player also has a custom made and painted miniature, put together from various warhammer bits. As I also dabble in casting so we have over a thousand monsters to choose from.

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No. Fuck you, go home, your a disgrace. Guard are where the real men are at, not your faggoty space elves or super special best-at-everything-because-I-say-so SPESS MEHREENS.

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