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I'm sorry, what? Are you maybe thinking of Eldar by chance? Necrons don't have nothing to do with no webway.

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cant be any worse than this

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The Fanboyism, double posting and misunderstanding implications makes me think you are new here. And 12.

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... What kind of bullshit setting do you come from? Everything needs maintenance. Whatever your level of technology, it needs to be maintained, everything decays.

What is this bullshit, magic? You're even worse than those culture sues.

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I'm not even going to answer that...

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>Oh, I've been browsing 4chan for a while now (years).

Yeah... no. If you want to sound even remotely believable, you prove it, you don't say that up there. That pretty much guarantees you to classified as a pretentious git.

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>making stupid statements in the face of evidence to the contrary
>demeaning attitude
>refuses to back statements up with references

Yep, it's a troll. Have a cookie, I was in doubt for a while.

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>in your opinion

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And the greatest of them all are the Ultramarines,

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>Old friend and ally returns from inescapable den of unholy death, hale and mostly unscathed


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>Making this thread again for people in the western Hemisphere

For those of you who were around when I made my first Ultramarines thread titled "The Ultramarines movie is perfect", I had only just seen the movie and *had* to tell someone about how good I thought it was. And after 2 days of reflecting upon the film, I'm going to give a more composed and analytical opinion on it.

I personally enjoy a good build up (just as long as it's a GOOD build up...which this one was) just as much as a good action scene. Also, I don't think the action scenes were too short. The action was fragmented at first, but then kept getting a bit better and a bit more frequent all the way to the ending where the entire finale was more or less one long fight scene. And that was good, too. This movie could use improvements in the same way all good movies could, but I would definitely not say that there is anything wrong with this movie. Not even the graphics. I know that the facial recognition software or whatever it's called was used fto keep the film's cost from exploding... but honestly, they're not cringe-worthy, and Abnett's story made it easy to get past.

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The original post I made 2 nights ago was just my first reaction when I *had* to tell someone about how great the movie was. Once I got on, if you saw the "Ultramarines is perfect" thread, you probably know the rest. Well the thing is, I've finally articulated my opinion about the film, and I would like to put it into a format that will hopefully convey my message a little better.

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"Many hold the Ultramarines to be the rightful heir not only of Guilliman, but of the Emperor himself." ~Games-Workshop

So, does Dan Abnett's script do justice to the Ultramarines?

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The Ultramarines movie is better than you naysayers give it credit for. You see contrary to popular belief, Games Workshop has given this film no funding---just their stamp of approval. And rightly so! This movie is what I'd consider to be a perfect Warhammer 40,000 movie (graphics aside). But you know what? You forget about the graphics immediately as you see Abnett's story unfolding.

This stream is not for any other purpose than to support Codex Pictures by convincing you to buy this film. It's worth the money, trust me.

And more importantly: They said that if they make enough money from this they WILL MAKE A SEQUEL.

So please. Please buy this movie. It's good. You can see it for yourselves right now. http://plus4chan.org/tv/fullstream.php?channel=IronBoomerE

It's worth it. Trust me.

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My opinion of the movie when it arrived in the mail 2 weeks late
>Fucking Codex Pictures doesn't care about this movie, bad graphics, collector's editions that weren't even made on launch date...

>Well, I suppose I'll read this graphic novel first since it's the interlude to the movie

>Not bad. Not bad at all. All that hype about Abnett doesn't seem too far off

Then I watched the movie. And I have to say I almost cried at the end. Not because it was sad. Not because it was such a disappointment. Because it absolutely SHATTERED my expectations of it going in, and now I feel compelled to go wherever I can to promote this perfect Space Marine movie.

I do not play Space Marines because of reasons you probably already know, but hell... this movie really makes me want to...

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>mfw I should have gotten, watched, talked about, and had memories of this movie by now.

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>mfw when you gave Master Chief better stats than a Space Marine.

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I'll just leave this here.

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They did everything right. They got dan abnett to write it so it will be good. They got good voice actors. They did everything just right until they decided to let some doods CGI the damn thing. Not saying I advocate a real stage performance but if you are going to do CGI, do it right. Picture related. Picture VERY related.

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Well you know, we do have a promising one coming.... Graphics are disappointing, but you know what? It's still a Warhammer 40k feature film with no live action limitations.

Teaser: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhiGXKmRY4w

Trailer 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOXz10znAKc

Trailer 2: TBA

And like I said.... Once I got past the initial shock of poor graphics, most of if not all of my original enthusiasm returned.

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