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Like this but a horse instead of superior sexy spider-legs.

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Really? When?

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What about spider-people?

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>How to seduce a spider-girl or other arachnoforms

First one must approach the giant sentient arachnid in such a manner one does not disturb their web and get stuck upon it - flight spells are useful for positioning pre-wooing.

Then, once in a place where one can gently pluck several of the "sense" strings that thread through out their web, one must play a song, akin to but distinctly different to the vibration caused by prey.

For as the drow poets put it, is love not akin to being caught in a spider's web and slowly wrapped up in their silken embrace while they inject toxins that both paralyse and liquify your insides?

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>Even a 160 pound draw won't do much damage if it's only pulled a foot or so.

So... given The Stalk's leg-span, she'd be a boss of rapid-fire longbowness then?

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Elvises isntead of elves.

Cuckolds instead of kobolds.

Armless but not harmless spider ladies. Pic related.

Spider ladies live innawoods like tolkien's elves did. Elvises build majestic and well lit cities in the middle of deserts.

Cuckolds are like gender inverted Asari from mass effect: A Male only race, they steal and warp the *feels* of women from other races by being preternaturally charming and seem to be good looking to all races but are so bad in bed that their wives ultimately cheat on them, thus allowing the Cuckold's sperm to intermix with DNA of both their wife's egg AND the men that the wife cheated on the cuckold with, resulting children have 50% chance of being either cuckolds or the mother's race, but possess traits from all three people, increasing the genetic diversity of the Cuckolds.

Cuckolds whose wife cheats on them for other Cuckolds always produce Jerks; These are sterile Cuckolds who are always chaotic evil, preternaturally good in bed but have terrible personalities and no charisma.

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Sexy monstergirl.

Wat do?

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