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I seriously can't tell if this is elaborate bait or if you're legitimately this fucking autistic.

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I strongly advise against it, anon. I'm pretty sure my DM was 100% setting up a magical realm scenario (it was a completely unnecessary clue in a murder mystery and it was perfect bait for my character, so I could sorta see his intentions) and I was able to turn his magical realm into genuine, earnest character development because I am coomer anathema at the table, but not every player has the experience to deal with such bullshit as I have. I can assure you most players are just gonna be weirded out by this scenario. We're at a point where "gender changing magic" can no longer be played for laughs - it's either a fetish scenario by odd nerds, or a crass invalidation/joke of real transgender identities.

Then again, that DM came out as trans a year later, so I'm not sure if I read his (her, now) intentions correctly at the time. That, or I inspired her to explore her identity through good fucking roleplay, which would be funny as hell.

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What tabletop game are the top ones playing?

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>Female 'warrior'
>Their bodies look like they can barely tolerate the weight of their armor
Do female warriors not lift? Does the power of their vagina make muscles obsolete?

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Why is missionary the 'standard' position anyway? I admit I'm far from an expert on sex, but it seems illogical to me. Missionary is kind of awkward: the man is heavier than the woman and needs to position his dick in such a way that it fits in the woman's vagina (with the penis being on the front of the groin, and the vagina at the bottom of the groin). This leads to the man having to awkwardly arch his back. He's also heavier than the woman (usually) so he has to be careful not to lean on her too much, further making that awkward arched position a neccessity. And then he has to thrust while keeping all the aforementioned in mind. And after the sex is over, the man has to awkwardly roll off the woman.

Cowgirl feels like a much more natural 'standard' position to me. Due to the position of the genitals on the two sexes she can simply sit on the man's penis in a very natural position, and she doesn't have to worry about distributing her weight because she's (usually) far lighter than the man. Because of this, after the sex is over she can remain in place for post-coital cuddling.

It just makes more sense that way.

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