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Titanicus is unironically an incredibly fun game

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>A Warhound is 15m


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of course they are.

I mean really, if this girl offered to step on you are you honestly telling me you'd say no?

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but not at the Fun scales.

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>not wanting this as a waifu

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That's a lot more Tau than Imperium, though. Look at the profiles from that comparison chart, see how all of the Imperium ones pretty much have no arms and just massive cannons? Having an arm that can turn into a cannon is cool and all, but it goes against the aesthetic of Mars' god-machines.

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I wish I had the tools, skill, and resources required to make my own 40k-scale Titans. I just find the idea of fielding them alongside all of the tiny infantry to be hilariously awesome. Of course, fuck paying all that money for them.

Do people here have any decent proxies for Warhounds and Reavers (and Warlords)? I've used a REX display model before as a Warhound, though it was a bitch to transport and I couldn't move it without having to set it back up again.

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Sacrifice the Emprah to the Machine God and throw in 5 titans to create star-sized purging machine

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Buy the modern event deck for $50 and throw in some Godless Shrines and Thoughtseizes.

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So besides Heldrakes, what other flyers do Chaos Space Marines have fluff/lore wise?

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I would still like to be able to throw some Exterminatus on my opponent should any of my Mechanicus army keep from meeting with the Omnissiah in the opening salvo.. or is the opening salvo. The question is, can IG do this without the typical tanks/wheels/treads?

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And if you wanna learn how to make fuckhuge titans of your own

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Right /tg/, I need help.

I've been running a homebrew for some friends. Nation-builder game set in the 40k verse on some backwater. Players are playing as heirs to the Planetary Governor's seat in an almost Game of Thrones thing. So far we've been sticking to the Grimdark theme, for every victory there's at least five defeats, etc, etc. The problem is that one of the players is fielding fucking Gundams. Now I assumed they were going to have to research and produce them, risking scrap code and Mechanicus oversight alike, and end up with basically a Titan. But apparently he meant he had a hundred fucking gundams, the manueverable non-40k-styled kind. This is "acceptable" since they wrote it into their fluff and they don't want to change the fluff.

Now he's threatening to leave and take half the group with him if I say no-go on the out-of-place fucking human mecha in a 40k game. Help me /tg/.

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Sounds like a cheap alternative for mechanized armies. Still, I like.

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