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yeah artists USUALLY figure if you're punching shit in fantasy you are naked and insane, fucking profiling I tell you!

seriously this is what I found. not even dynamic or, at least in my standard, good. Just a weaponless concept art. I do, however, hope it helps

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Brawl Knight
Power: Pit tank
whenever he is surrounded by enemies his power of punching increases with each one he knocks out

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Uhh, that was sort of obvious. I'm wondering to what degree armor protects against what. It's obvious that plate mail will for the most part negate anything a slashing weapon tried to do to it, but what levels of protection did it offer against blunt force? How effective is leather armor against a slashing weapon? Should cloth armor do anything to damage? What best protects against piercing weaponry? That's the sort of thing I'm after.

Making certain armor reduce the damage against certain weapon types was the goal, but how good at that job in a realistic sense it was is what I'm after more, seeings as I have no knowledge myself to draw from for it beyond the more apparent aspects.

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This is about the clunkiest one I have.

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"We'll meet again, Knight! I can promise you that!" Faina called out in the distance. I could hear the rapid beat of flapping bird wings fade out as they flew off into the distance, several minutes later the heaver rhythm of a dragon's flight came into hearing range.

"Dear, where are you?"

I emerged from the woods, "Over here. You just missed them."

"Well at least you're safe. The others are too, we're regrouping at the castle."

When we all made it back we meet in a private room to regroup. I explained what I had learned about Lieutenant Faina to the others.

"That explains why she was treated so well," Veila mused.

"I wonder why she was only a Lieutenant though," Rina said, "I would think that General Zinoviy's child would merit a more important position."

I interjected, "She didn't seem particularly skilled compared to some of the other Golden Saber soldiers I've fought. A low ranking officer position doesn't seem out of the ordinary."

Gaël nodded, "So whatever else their faults are, they're at least meritocratic. A shame, there are some pretty effective ways to exploit resentment and nepotism."

Siegbert interrupted our musings, "Nadja and I found signs that someone snuck into the castle jail to help free her. The guards were killed from behind while facing her cell. There also wasn't any sign of a struggle or a fight. Presumably they were ambushed from behind."

Sieghild asked, "Could they have broken in from the outside?"

"Possibly," Siegbert admitted, "but we haven't seen any evidence of this yet."

Felìcita interjected, "They could have snuck in as a part of one of the delegations."

"It would be strange if they heard about this conference and they didn't send anyone to keep an eye on it." Martina agreed.

"So does anyone have any ideas as to who it could be? With all the nobles and servants here it could be anyone." Boniface noted.

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Were ornate armors like this ever a thing in real life?
The only justification I have so far are the value Adventurers put into fashion, and the fact that magical crafting methods can allow for detailed armor pieces.

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The Order of the Burnished Shield

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cool! Your opinion is valued.
have some art.

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well im done being the only person posting
im off

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We posting random art?

This is what I imagined generic HMK looked like.

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but they all share one major quality: they resist damage of all types to a high degree.

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With pauldrons like these, GW might sue.

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