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early D&D was basically 100% sword and sorcery. gygax loved fafhrd and the gray mouser and the conan tales

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late bronze to iron age but there's also dinosaurs and crashed alien space ships and ray guns

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I play with 2d6 attack rolls. Any time treasure is found in a dungeon a x in 6 chance is rolled to have magical items in the treasure. X being a number of floors divided by 5, floors 1-5 having a 1 in 6 chance and floors 6-10 having a 2 in 6 up to floors 16-20 having a 5 in 6 chance.

If magical treasure is found, a d6 table of Weapons, Armor, Scrolls, Potions, Rings, and Unique. Each of these is a 2d6 table of possible results, stacked for stronger results having less of a chance.

Once a room has treasure (2 in 6 during stocking the dungeon) and magical treasure (1 in 6) and has a weapon (1 in 6) the weapon has a +1 to hit and damage.

They then have a 1 in 6 chance to have additional magical effect, (increasing in chance every 3 floors (floors 1-3 has 1 in 6, floors 4-6 has 2 in 6, etc. Up to 13-15+ having a 5 in 6 chance).

Additional effects range from swords that can be told to fight and will act automatically and hover in place against enemies to shields that can flashbang enemies, to crossbows that lack a +1 damage but have a +2 to hit, to plate armor made of mithril that weights one tenth the normal weight.

So far my players have found a magical sling and plate armor on floor one of a dungeon and magical rings have been brought into the dungeon by monsters looting during restocking. I don't have experience with level 5+ of the dungeon stocking but it works so far.

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I don't get into specific diseases, but typically I'll say they have a symptom like a fever or diarrhea and this prevents the 1hp a day healing. I'll roll 1d6 for how many days they are affected, with con inversely modifying the roll (+3 con mod is -3 days) and 0 days means they didn't contract it in the first place. This has the effect of high con characters like dwarves being able to drink river water and eat raw deer and the 2 in 6 chance of disease is often ignored.

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Not OSR and therefore off topic. Fuck off.

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What about it? In the far past, high tech civilizations ruled the planet and did a lot of genetic engineering, that's why you have different humanoids, weird hybrid monsters and beastmen. At some point in the past something happened and now we are coming out of the stone ages again.

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Most magic wands are actually ray guns. Most rings of protection are actually low energy shield generators.

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