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How was the 3rd book i that series? I lost interest at the introduction when John and Jane were playing house.

Is it the Leviathan set in alternate history biopunk/diesel punk WW1? Because that's the Leviathan I'm talking about.

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These landships have to watch out for beasts that live in the lava.

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I'm about to begin a campaign that's modern fantasy. Its the fifth campaign I'll run in the same setting. First one was only a few sessions long and set things up for second campaign, worldspanning empire began to crumble. Third campaign was basically the end of the "dark age" that followed the big collapse, leading into a renaissance. Fourth campaign which we just finished was a magitech industrial revolution. Now this fifth one is going to be near-future magitech. PCs are godblooded, individuals with divine ancestry that grants incredible power (PC class levels). About 1 in every 1000 people is godblooded.

The world's oceans are poisoned with mutants and giant monsters thanks to the PCs of campaign 4 deciding to experiment with a catch of chaos magic by detonating it all at once on a small island. As a result nearly all global trade is done via skyship. World navies patrol the airways but sky pirates strike wherever they are lax.

In the north is the democratic republic founded by orcs has the most powerful military, and while they're not bad guys they tend to be a bit trigger happy and willing to throw their weight around. They also have a tendency to look down on humans, a result of the generations they spent at war with humanity back orcs were still tribal and lacked cities.

Not far from the orcs is the communist nation in the north worships the vampire god (who preaches all other gods are pretenders, and then tries to eat them) use legions of undead to perform difficult labor and to protect the common people. But they're at odds with everyone else on religious grounds...and some believe the massive numbers of undead have enough collective negative energy to have an influence on the world.

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Okay, then.
But only for you, anon.

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Sometimes they can go together, for example the Leviathan series.

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Better pic- Brits go for HUGE bio-forms for naval warfare, and Germans arm their ships with Tesla cannons and clawed arms to fight them off.

The very basic jist of the series is that Max and her "flock" are escaped test subjects. Eventually the amoral science conglomerate finds them, and they are forced to flee across the country to avoid being subjected to tortuous tests once again. The first few books are about their struggle to keep ahead of the forces sent out to get them while trying not to starve, etc.

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>Warships versus cthulus
Can't wait man.

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