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What happens?

Malal doesn't count, hes too busy not existing under the table.

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why is chaos so mean you guys, why can't the imperium, xenos and chaos work together like friends :<

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Cheaper than a Dark Apostle so I say hes good.

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So I downloaded the age of sigmar app and was told Slaanesh rules exist on it, I type Slaanesh in under warscrolls and get the Slaanesh Daemon formation, but cant find the rules for the actual units.

Just trying to get into the game, was told the phone app was the best way to go. How do I go about getting rules for Slaanesh Daemons from the phone app?

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I like Tzeentch, he's a pretty cool guy. He is a bit of a clown though.

Least favorite is nurgle cause hes gross.

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The four Chaos Gods represent four different approaches to gaming, four kinds of "This Guy" behavior, and four kinds of "That Guy" behavior.

Nurgle is the kind of guy that has fun as long as everybody else is having fun. While he enjoys wargaming and RPGs on their own merit, he particularly enjoys social interaction and spending time with those who share mutual interest. He's the kind of guy that brings food to every single session and refuses to let others reimburse him, thinking of it as a worthy payment for spending time with friends- and who helps calm down the group in particularly heated moments. He's the kind of That Guy who never showers or bathes, and seems to have no sense of dignity.

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Anyone know if they plan on making actual novels based on/in the Gathering Storm?

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No, it's really, really not.

The quality of life doesn't change much, now you just have the chance to cover yourself in blood/keikaku/feces/love-fluid in eternal service to your chosen patron which in all likelihood will just get you killed by another chaos worshiper or some arbites.

>But Anon, what if I had a shit life in the Imperium anyway?

Then you'll have some freedom so long as you evade the imperials, and if you can't do that you'll need to sell your soul to the dark powers which puts your right back in servitude.

>But morally speaking, the Emperor is shit!

True, but the Ruinous Powers are objectively more evil than anyone else in the setting.

There's no reason to join chaos unless you're mentally unstable (see 99% of all chaos).

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Be the best player you can be. Seriously, what you need right now is model behavior.

If she's really as obnoxious as you say, she'll leave sooner or later, likely as a result of some sort of drama. You want to make sure you are blameless when that drama starts.

If you want to hasten this, bring another, more well-adjusted girl into the game, one who isn't like the hamplanet. Assuming your other players aren't the kind of mouthbreathing toads who will drive her away, her presence at the table should deprive the hamplanet of attention and gradually drive her insane, until she embarrasses herself badly enough to get ejected by majority rule.

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Pink/blue horrors shit an amazing amount of mental dakka with flickering fire even if theyre down to one model

Great unclean ones are monstrously difficult to kill so long as theres no strength D at your table. Taking 2 greater rewards and all the psyker levels could net you the dream of strength 9 toughness 10, 7 wound, IWND and 4+ FNP for 300 points, The less fun more competitive choice is nurgle daemon prince with wings for that sweet 2+ jink

Nurglings are great objective holders and tarpitters, and the nurgle beasts can protect your horrors quite easily, Soul grinders are amazing and i always include atleast one, All of the fast attack options are decent though im partial to khorne dogs and screamers

If youre going mono daemon your army will be fairly trash and youre better off going khorne daemonkin

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So exactly what is wrong with letting chaos win? Chaos worshipers get what they want from their god and chaos gods wouldn't end all life if they won since they need life in order for them to live. So whats so bad about it seems like a win win situation to me.

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Okay so...

I've played DnD once, as a player. Was fun as hell. Otherwise, I've DMed and played in Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader. DMing was successful. One day I tell a group of acquaintances about my DMing adventures and the players choices. The next day? They want me to DM DnD for them and they'll give me the book next time we meet in a week.

So I'll probably be able to whip up something on the spot like I usually do, but I'm not super knowledgable of the lore, or any good ideas for fantasy rather than generic ones. Ones I don't know will fit the general rules and/or lore and/or feel.

You guys got any tips for DMing DnD 3.5 specifically, or any story ideas, or things to watch out for?

Note: this is the kind of players who describe themselves as not too serious but not too goofy. I.E. they gave me was where the paladin turned evil and pissed in the altar one drunken night.

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the trick is that if friends of the same power gaming level as each other play together any campaign can be fun
I've played Rise of the Runelords with a bunch of powergamers. It was great, we loved winning.
I've played skull of the serpent god with some new players. It was great, we loved winning.
I've played skulls and shackles with a bunch of heavy roleplayers. It was great, we loved roleplaying

oh but you need a dm that will stress the parts that are fun for the group and not the "boring parts"

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here's generic rpg (DnD) 101

roll a dice
>high rolls are good
>low rolls are bad
add a bonus based on stats and skills ranks
>high stats and skill ranks give large bonuses
>low stats and skill ranks give little or even negative bonuses

many system roll twenty sided dice
>rolled or, "natural" 20's always succeed
>natural 1's always fail
Nat 1 are hilarious or heart breaking
Nat 20's are epic or break the game

There are many rpgs
>every single one that is not the one(s) you play are shitty and unplayable

add in the shitty neck beards who play these games and there ya go your ready to read rpg threads

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Game of Rogue Trader.

There are four players in this game.
A barbaric guardsmen feral worlder with the highest intelligence.
A tech priest from a satellite demanding all the fun bullshittery I, the DM, can imagine.
Arbites that actually has his shit together, but doesn't mind fucking with the others.
And a psyker voidberg (voidborn) we blame for EVERY. THING. (i.e. Techpriest punches someone in the chest. Everyone: For fucks sake Voidberg, wtf man?)

In this game the tech priest wanted a servoskull, but he wanted me to DMPC it to get me more into the game. They all liked my last DMPC from when I did Dark Heresy (their lord inquisitor that more or less drafted them).

So I did. Techpriest named him Baubles. Baubles has a spool of paper under its upperjaw replacing the lowerjaw that ticks off holes into the paper, which is then fed to the techpriest as a form of communication.

Combat wise it does nothing. It's extra storage in a small compartment in its skull though and is capable of many scans, but has to be asked.

And here's when people loved Baubles.

*Party is going through sewer to escape the angry mob the techpriest caused.
Techpriest: Baubles, scan the area and tell me what you see.
OOC Me: Are you sure?
OOC Techpriest: Yeah, why not?
Baubles scans EVERY THING down to the smallest molecule it is capable of processing, the techpriest is now choking on the punchcard papers.

*Entire party laughs.
Another example.

*At a tavern, about to piss off another angry mob by calling them hicks.
Techpriest: Hey fella's no need for that. Baubles, lighten things up.
OOC Me: Are you sure?
OOC Techpriest: Yeah, why not? We installed those music prog- oh fuck n-
Baubles fires off a small laser into the flammable kegs of alcohol, at the locals flammable clothing, and at all the unlit lanterns to induce more light into the room.

*Party OOCly is laughing their ass off
*Party ICly running for life. And blame Voidberg.

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So what's the colour combination?
Red, Blue, Pink, Green and Black?

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>Prime Movers

always and forever

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>servants of Nurgle

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