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Anon, you forget, Tomie is a Junji Ito villain, and as such she has utterly insane levels of mental manipulation. If a PC Party encountered her and didn't IMMEDIATELY go for the " OH GOD KILL IT WITH FIRE" option, she'd probably have most of them wrapped around her finger in short order.

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Alright anons, I have all the rocks. I have all the counterspells, and I have all the giant fuck off creatures you could want.

I want to make a monoblue ramp deck, and I know I'm going to get some crazy hate as soon as I drop Mana Crypt or Mana Drain someone into an early Kozilek, but what's the best general for this sort of deck? I was thinking Jin-Jan Augur Man for a nice curve-topper and flash-based locks, but that's going to be very obvious. Vesner seems good because he's removal always in the commandzone, but I'd like to play something that's not immediately obvious as degenerate.

Any tips?

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>Well. Okay... Kinda weird considering it's our first night together... :/
Trust us. The moment you start cutting and burning, you'll see the terrible truth of what you nearly made love to.

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