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Hey /tg/. I've got some Amazon gift cards and shit that I can't decide what to do with, so I'll just put it to my CSM army. Anybody have recommendations for any Chaos units I should look into getting, or maybe some stuff to convert models with?

>inb4 heldrakes. I just bought 2.

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>all it needs are spikes

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This weekend I'm bringing my Chaos Space Marine army to my first 40k tournament. Does anyone have any useful tips on strategies and list building?

Also, no, I sadly don't have a heldrake yet.

I do have a list created, will post if anyone is interested.

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Spawn them in for the chaos gods!

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Hey guys, painter of >>28495232 here. That exchange made my night XD But seriously, to all you guys who hate the base, I was working on him and he just didn't feel impressive enough. This guy, who I named Maximus, The Azure Chill, is a Chaos Lord. He SHOULD be above the rest. He SHOULD be able to look an Avatar of Khaine in the eye. He can summon a Emperor Damned wave of Chaos blighted rock to SURF ON like an Earthbender from Hell! He is rising on a pillar of conquered ground and watching over his enemies, and the slow cold creeping up their spines when they see him on his dark pillar on the horizon is what his namesake comes from.

Maximus, The Azure Chill. I modelled his base to suit what image came to mind when I thought of what would be my kind of Warlord.

Hell, his backstory to me probably is he was a former Night Lord who joined the Black Legion after realizing that dammit, daemons aside, there are some REALLY BADASS PERKS.

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>killing bigot officers who were about to report chaos rituals and genestealer cults
>you somehow manage to fool dumbfucks into believing the shit you spew
>eating face with a male Tau who's there for no reason and also your only romance option
>game ends with turning an orbital bombardment on the planet's own defenses to let in the oppressed heretics
>Inquisition deploys ships to blow the fuck out of this planet you helped ruin
>your transgenderqueer smurf stares at the sunset as he says, "Maybe now we can bury...the hatred."
>berserkers' faces when, as they sweep through the cities raping and killing millions of citizens

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>>Implying he isnt Horus

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It's time to fall to the predations of chaos... give in to the voices OP...

Give in and become a vessel to the greatest thing to ever be created.

Give in become all powerful.

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Hey OP. 1ksons/Dark Angel back again. Tell him that 'this adorable little puppy' can still pee enough to make his metal ass rust XD

Best way to be a space wolf is to be Bender from Futurama.

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I need your help, /tg/.
My friend and I are playing a 3,500 point battle against our teacher, who's easily capable of wiping the field with us. I'm fielding Chaos Space Marines, my friend is fielding Imperial Guard, and my teacher is fielding Imperial Guard as well.

What are some decent anti-Imperial tactics that I could use with this Chaos-IG alliance?

Also, tactica thread.

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Ain't no way you gonna stop us from taking your fine ass bitchs and makin more recruits with em' you loyalist fucks.

Chaos up in this bitch! Represent!

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So my friend has been kicking my CSM army's ass with Blood Angels lately, and it's getting annoying. Fuck you, Sanguinor. Anyway, what are some good anti Blood Angel tactics that I could use?
If it helps, I usually run a Khorne based army, but have been considering trying out a Nurgle based army.

Will post my available units if needed

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How do things in the Chaos camp work in terms of keeping technologically complex vehicles running?

Like, running a tank isn't like just changing the oil every 5,000 miles, it takes some heavy duty maintenance to keep a tank running.

In a Chaos Warband it seems like there wouldn't be dedicated mechanics so how do they keep their tanks, combat aircraft, etc. running?

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Pretty Much, the Blood Gorgons value Freedom and independence above everything, so they serve Chaos Undivided. They also come to aid of worlds who are actively trying to reisist Imperial rule.
Proof of the awesome
>The Blood Gorgons led an uprising against Imperial rule on the world of Solo Baston on the part of that world's indigenous tribal population, the Carnibales, when the Ecclesiarchy, which controlled their world, began appropriating the tribes' lands. Dedicated to aiding others in obtaining freedom from the tyranny of the Imperium, four Blood Gorgon Bond-Brothers, naming themselves the Dos Pares in the Carnibales' native tongue, taught them basic military strategy, smuggled disassembled advanced weaponry on to the planet from the Blood Gorgons' Space Hulk and also made use of genetic alteration using daemon blood to create Disciples, super-powered Carnibales warriors willing to stand against the Imperium. The uprising proved successful, and the Blood Gorgons claimed Solo Baston as another of their recruitment worlds.

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The story continues with Lonam rising up from the ground, knocked flat on his ass from a cruel joke of the gods. His missing eye had been replaced by one kick-ass Chaso Organ. It could see in the dark, and to some level, see one's very souls. Now, remind you that Lonam had just been struck straight in his freshly vacated eye by a tiny meteor. The first thing he did was jolt up, start running around and cheering at his amazing luck of being blessed by the Dark Gods.

Stavos, who had become some sort of leader for this scraggly band of misfits, asked Fatarse what their next course of action would be. The Plague Marine sighed, and said, "Well I gots me this 'ere trader, gun runna'. Bastert be sellin' to tha' Slaaneshi cunts. Need you ta'...set 'im straight." The Iron Warrior nodded, already working out his master strategy. He'd use the strengths of his new group. Jess Aurallo would go in disguised, seduce this gun trader, and Lonam would be in disguise outside in case things would go hairy. They always go hairy in this business...

The Heretek, Friesden, was no where to be seen. She'd mumbled something about a new project not that anyone knew what the hell that meant...

(To those who see the pic, that one was made ages ago. We had a lot of changes since this. Unfortunately, this game is dead, and had a lot of turbulent times during it's history. Still, the first few sessions, which I'm covering, will remain forever as fucking amazing.)

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I appreciate you staying to the fluff of the universe here, but honestly, when it boils down to it, army choice is just more for looks than anything else. Unless, of course, you own a suit of Chaos armor and pray to Khorne/Nurgle/ect at night. In that case, buy a bunch of Vindicators, paint em up, and send the souls of the Loyalists Scum to the Warp!

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It's actually quite easy.

What you have to understand OP is the Imperium simply is too large to care about what happens on a single Imperial world. Hell, they probably won't even send anyone!

As Space Marines you are out of the AdMech, the Arbites, and the Inquisition's boundaries. They can "ask" to see your geneseed, but can't "order" you to give it over.

The Alpha Legion did this. You should do.


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When Chaos into Planet, why not everyone Deamon Prince?

Why waste effort with Chaos Space Marines and Renegades?

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Listen up gents! The Tome of Fate is out, and I'm bored as shit. So that's why I'm going run...


Player cap will be a regular five players, with a maximum of two marines(This may change depending upon campaign).

I've got a few campaign ideas brewing. I want to run a mini-campaign or just make this short and sweet one shot.

Join the following IRC:
Server: irc.thisisnotatrueending.com
Port: 6667
Channel: #BlackCrusade

If you have questions ask away. It'll give good material for bumps.

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