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Donald Glover as Lando is the only reason I have any interest in this movie, and even then I'm not sure if I care enough to go see it.

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You wouldn't come to these threads if you didn't like them

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You're enthusiastic, I'll give you that.

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>use facts
Just go read about Boudica and her amazing feats of martial prowess. Listing her is a effective indicator poster doesn't know anything about history of 'warrior women' he names and just follows the empowering meme. And my point still stands, almost none of said women did the fighting, they commanded the troops. They weren't warriors, they were leaders.

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Why get out of bed when you can magically teleport straight into your pants?

Why live a healthy life when a cleric and/or druid can just magically heal all your physical conditions?

Why exercise when the magical, mindless golems (and/or undead servants) do all the menial labor so the society has no use for physical prowess?

Why debate about politics when a 1000-year old, super-intelligent elder has objectively correct views and anyone who disagrees is measurably stupider and wrong?

Why philosophize about the meaning of life, the nature of truth, or what have you, when the cleric can literally ask the god(s), and truth-check the answers magically?

Magic. Not even once.

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I tried to introduce a recurring villain in my session today - a snobby female elf astronomer illusionist wizard. But I think I just made her come off as boring and uninteresting.

How do you get into the "I'm a superior elf and you're just dirt under my shoes" mindset?

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Elves are as much one faction as orcs are. And as you said, no one plays them competitively, part of the reason being that they're somewhat out of date and have little support. It doesn't help that GW divvying them up into a dozen different subfactions makes synergizing decently-sized armies difficult.

What's with the elf hateboner, anyway? I mentioned Free Peoples too, but you focused on the elves.

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Hard to not have a Sister waifu because they're fictional, maybe?

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>Dr. Who jump
I want to do this jump, but I need the thread's advice on something first.

What's the best way to handle the "it's bigger on the inside" thing? Like, The Doctor's going to expect you to have a minor short-circuit when you see something that most people think is impossible, and is likely looking forward to seeing the look on your face, but jumpers have likely seen enough shit that they wouldn't even blink.

You've got one chance to do this, how do you react?

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Last thread.

Not even a post in, and I'm already a faggot.

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>the ancient, ugly, no longer existent out of date models
>the blood elf models with blue eyes that have the body type of a broom

I'm not seeing where you're coming from

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Well, thanks for correcting me.

I don't think that makes it much better for me, though, since that just makes Specialist Games somewhat unreachable for me, even if the pound was body-slammed by Brexit.

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No idea, I thought I saw it on Netflix or Hulu recently, but I checked and it's not actually there. Which sucks because clone wars *is* there on netflix.

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I find it annoying as well. But hey it's better than 5! right?

>inb4 sequel with a wopping 23 choices

>inb4 dlc offering far more starter choices

Don't forget Pikachu!

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This is all your fault. All of you who fell for it hook, line, and sinker. You people have no one to blame but yourselves. Anyone who was shilling for this game should leave. NOW. And never return.

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Every time when I think this board has gotten too noisy to entertain me, something like this comes around

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I'm seeing more bitches like OP making threads than incidents of either

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Not much. It means and amounts to nothing when you can be sentient sap people that dropped to earth from an alien doing jumping jacks on the moon.

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>Invasion was nearly 14 years ago
Why am I still playing this game?

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Can a store have home rules and their own card ban lists for standard play? My store doesn't allow Geists for example (something I've been campaigning to remedy for the last few months).

Also: my store doesn't allow KMC sleeves because the owner has some beef with the company or something. Is this allowed?

Also also: Why do I even bother going to this draconic and fascist store? holy fuck

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