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What does pregnancy have to do with Nurgle?

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>What is/was your character's family like?
Well, all his tribe is blood related. Closer: 6 wifes, dozen children, brother chieftan. Father is very old, like 50 circles, mother passed away ten circles ago.
>Is your character in a romantic relationship with anyone?
He likes his force staff, romance: is it for bringing children?
>What are your character's short-term goals? Long-term goals?
Find some fucking grass and a little rotten meat in this huge planetwide temple.
Wanna die in his bed
with his enemies' heads around in 10 circles.
>What social class is your character from?
Tribe shaman from demon infested deathworld.
>Does your character have a job/trade?
Bone amulets and beads crafting, love/cure desease/bless potions selling, invoking/exorcising demons
>Where did your character learn or train his/her skills?
Homeworld traditional shamanic training (very deadly), Scholastia Psykana
>Is your character religious in any way?
Oueee, Mighty Cleanser and Carrion Savior Yellow Emperor, who reside on sun! well and Holy Terra too
>What is your character's view on magic/the unknown?
They are talking to him, but he don't listen, he is stronger, he can endure Their voices, he can even command Them! well kind of, and not everytime but...
>How did your character meet his/her current adventuring companions?
Future teammates stole some daemon anchor stone from tribe's temple and backlash of daemon's power incinerate half of the village, it was time for vengeance! It became complicated from that point
>Does your character have any enemies/a nemesis?
His own power, his blessing and his curse.

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You used a ship to travel through my home to get to this little backwater planet?

I used the back door.

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Sorry I don't have the right pictures to represent Slaanesh.

But this daemonette done very well should be ok for now.
Have it.

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Good afternoon, erudi/teg/uys.
I come to you now to ask of your boundless fantasy setting knowledge, and in return, the Daemonette tits to the left there (If further offers are required, I have only mundane tits).

A few years back I read the first book in a trilogy - I remember neither the title, author, nor characters. I'd like to find and continue the story.

/tg/ may find this interesting because of the setting.
We have your humans, who as I recall were all balance and such wankery. I think they were either the most skilled mages, or the only race who could have mages, too.

Then, predictably, there were orcs - except these were intelligent, civilized orcs, all of them sailors. An orc too long without a rolling deck under his feet got maudlin.

The elves were ancestor-worshipping bastard samurai.

And the dorfs were horsemen. You heard me. A dorf who couldn't ride a horse was like a goddamn pariah. All the other dorfs rode around being unstoppable cavalry while the Unhorsed maintained their few cities.

Ring any bells, /tg/? I recall the protagonists were a prince and his whipping boy.

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why did i type 'they' i am too tired. and too lazy to kill that post to fix it.

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Well there ARE other candidates that are actually enjoyed by a majority on here.

I've never seen anyone complain about slaanesh hijacks.

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>flood detection
aw fuck

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Ugh, typo in the nurgle part earlier.

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