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It was a long time till Oogie met Berry, A good fifteen sessions past (and the entire crew amazingly staying alive this long) And Oogies Space Marine armor now actually fit (it still didn't function, for oogie it was like putting on an extra layer of armor)
The job that they had been on was looting a scrapped Tau colony for whatever they could find. The captain had sent oogie on a wild goose chase to tie him up since Oogie wasn't all that smart, and a bored oogie left alone on the ship led to broken things. He had shown Oogie a picture of a Pulse Rifle (he doubted that any tau weapons tech was left, so something safe for oogie to look for) and like the big dumb lug he was he went hopping through the rubble laughing the whole way. Now oogie had failed HARD to find anything good (he had seen some good scrap, but captain said only find the gun) when Oogie heard a little gasp, when oogie looked he saw a little Tau girl, about 7 by human standards
>I gave the GM a look, cause that same day he had read the story of Blue off of 1d4chan. But then I shrugged and rolled with it.
It took a little while but Oogies dumb but friendly demeanor won the tau kid over and she quickly latched on to the big lug. And when Oogie came back to the ship in tow with a little Tau, the captain of course said no at first. But when Oogie said "Berry is Oogies friend!" and put his foot down, it was either let the tau on, or leave Oogie behind, and the crew liked Oogie too much.
Thus is how Berry (she never said her real name, the name that Oogie gave her just stuck) joined the team

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i pet him, and love him, and call him George.

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