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>Implying the filthy Mon-Keigh didn't copy glorious Eldar culture when we went monkey-watching on Terra once.

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>ignoring statements about Dark Dldar aside

This hobby is expensive. If you are willing to play whats in the starter box and split the cost with your friend (or not, and say your still in it for the long run, have him buy the full box, and then snag all the faction models he has and build off that as a core) then you save a LOT of money. The starter box has practically always been GW's only good deal, so if you like the box models, go for it.

As soon as you step away from the starter box, expect a big jump in effort and price. Thats just the way GW is.

If you would prefer a army not in the box (IG, Tau, Orks) take a look at their codex' and opinions online about them. For example tau are really strong right now, and unanimously orks are in a terrible place this edition, so if playing and winning is a big concern to you, make sure to do your research.

Otherwise I highly suggest you play the one you like the models of the most. That's what i've always done.

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solid red anon, i like. Did you attach the sails already or can you remove the rigging still?

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Am I going to have to set this down or can I trust you to show yourself out?

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>the eldar's point

The only eldar contribution was afterward:

>Slau Dha stepped forward to face Alpharius. The Astartes followed him with their weapons, but he ignored the threat.

>‘Well?’ he asked, in halting, thickly accented Low Gothic. ‘What is your response, mon-keigh? Do you have the strength to make this choice, or are you just as weak and self-serving as the rest of your vermin species?’

>Alpharius gazed at the autarch levelly. ‘I stand for the Emperor,’ he replied. ‘In all things, I am loyal to Him, and I cannot break that bond. He has many great ambitions, and the noblest of intentions, but I know that above all else, He is determined to stand firm against the rise of Chaos. He has always known the truth of it. The overthrow of the Primordial Annihilator is His greatest wish. So what I do, autarch, from this moment on, I will do for the Emperor.’

>Slau Dha nodded. He turned and walked away.

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Nearing the finish of the prep step and needing to be painted...

>60 wracks
>20 grotesques
>6 haemonculi
>10 talos
>2 venoms
>4 raiders

things still in boxes and needing to be worked on....

>9 jetbikes
>2 warlocks
>3 vipers
>3 warwalkers
>1 falcon
>1 wave serpent
>10 dire avengers
>18 harlequins
>1 death jester, solitare, and shadowseer
>3 Void weavers

When i look at my pile of space elves I cry every time.

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>willingly following the Dark Eldar into the Webway like an idiot
Sasuga, Jaghatai Khan.

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I'm a Dark Eldar fan but I've been meaning to get tino Eldar for some time.

I might finally indulge and get some Guardians and an Autarch or something. If I start playing will people still hate me if I just take fluffy lists? I'm not interested in taking the most OP shit, I just want to use the units I think look cool. Is the codex so broken that that's not even possible?

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>The entirety of the 40k community


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probably the most balanced and best (in terms of overall fun units, and usable builds) codex in the game right now.

Maybe of all time.

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Ok then, what if I give her only the armor and a shrunken backpack? It would be enough warp-spiderish imho.

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>Eldar player
>Having to pay atleast 100 points for their basic transport for two editions
>Everyone laugh at it after holo fields got the shaft with 6th
>New book comes out and the serpent is now a full battle tank with transport options.
>Everyone complain

Primitive, please...

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Having played DE for the last couple of years I thought I'd give the new eldar dex a go. Here's the 1st list I've written that I'm happy with, was looking for any opinions or critiques on it (local meta is a mix of marines, guard, tgrey knights and chaos, few guys are starting Tau)


-Farseer (singing spear, spirit stone of anath'lan) 120
-Spiritseer 70
-2 Warlocks (1 singing spear, 1 witch blade) 75


-10 Dire Avengers in a Wave Serpent (scatter laser, holofields) 265
-10 Guardian Defenders (bright lance) in a Wave Serpent (scatter laser, holofields) 245
-10 Guardian Defenders (Starcannon) in a Wave Serpent (scatter laser, holofields) 245
-5 Rangers 60
-3 Jetbikes (shuriken cannon) 61
-3 Jetbikes (shuriken cannon) 61


-10 Warp Spiders (Exarch with spinneret rifle, fast shot and marksman's eye) 235


-Fire Prism (holofields) 140
-Fire Prism (holofields) 140
-3 War Walkers (2 scatter lasers each) 210

Aegis Line (comms relay)

Spiritseer deploys with the dire avengers (taking conceal and another power from runes of battle)
Farseer and a conceal warlock sit with the brightlance guardians behind the aegis line.

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Looking at a few 1k games coming up, got a couple of potential lists:


Farseer (Jetbike, singing spear) 120

10 Guardians (starcannon) with a warlock (singing spear) in a wave serpent (TL scatter laser and holofields) 255 + 40
5 Rangers 60
6 Jetbikes (2 shuriken cannons) with a warlock on a bike 122 + 50

Fire Prism (holofields) 140
3 x War Walkers (2 Scatter Lasers each) 210

997 total


Dark Eldar/Eldar:

-Haemonculus 50

-3 Trueborn (3 blasters) in a venom (double cannons) 146
-3 Trueborn (3 blasters) in a venom (double cannons) 146

-3 Wracks in a venom (double cannons) 95
-3 Wracks in a venom (double cannons) 95

Ravager (3 lances, flickerfield) 115
Ravager (3 disintigrators, flickerfield) 115

Farseer (bike) 115

3 Jetbikes (shuriken cannon) 61
5 Rangers 60

998 total

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Oh. Oh well.

>absolutely disgusting.png

To each his own I suppose. Here's to you.

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Remind me dark kin, because my memory may be failing me, but have you finally managed to figure out the fine art of vector dancing yet? Or are your pilots still second rate?

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>Stop publishing WD and post articles on website

>Restart bitz service

>Rules only Codexs/Army books are available as free PDF's and are updated simultaneously twice a year.
Books still available as hardbacks with the fluff+rules.

>Cap current prices for 3 years.

>Bring back Grand Tournaments circa early 2000's

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What models are you buying?

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I think I'd like to see the Hornet and Warp Hunter fom IA:tDoM make it to the new book. Warp hunter especially.

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Sorry I did forget. This is modern, chaotic neutral DE. Not old, shitty DE.

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So in short, no flyers for the rest of us still?
Thats our GW alright.

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