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An idea for a Chaos Warband.

The Underdogs of War.

A Khornate warband that worships Khorne in his aspect of the Noble Warrior King.

They do stupid shit like

>Agriworld with ork invaders
>Drop into the orks
>Wade through battle to find the warboss
>Champion fights champion in brutal combat.
>Decapitate WAAAAAGH!!! by every warrior in the Warband wading through the green tide to find the biggest orks
>When orks are all fucked up and fighting amongst themselves they leave.
>PDF and Guard get their shit back together and finish off the orks.

>Tau colony under attack by Imperial Scum
>Tau civilians being butchered
>Charge through the Imperial ranks screaming like a fucking idiot and fucking up all of the shit.
>Tau have time to regroup
>Underdogs of War leave once the Imperials stop being worthy of their time.

>Emperor's Children during a Black Crusade start capturing civilians
>Demand they release the poor bastards and stop harassing the non-combatants
>Two warbands start kicking the shit out of each other
>Adopt the captives as new serfs

Very strict honour code. So long as you stay on the good side of it they will be civil towards you. Transgress their standards of proper behavior in their presence and they will fuck up your day for you.

Founded from old Terran veterans of the World Eaters.

Consider non-combatants to be unfit sacrifices on the alter of war.

Seek out only the best sacrifices, powerful warriors that betray the nobility of conflict.

Outside of battle they are solemn. They meditate. They read literature. They paint and write and sing mournful songs.
When battle starts they find something worthy of their god and go nuts on it. They butcher their way through legions to find their worthy target. But if you honestly throw down your weapons and get out of their way they will just walk on by.

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It's almost like FFG are better at GW fluff than GW. Much like how Forge World are better at miniatures.

FFG also got Khorne right. Which is awesome. They blend the whole trappings of honour and chivalry and warrior virtue thing with the unending murderlust. He's a proper Old God again, rather than just a one dimensional god of slaughter. I mean, he IS a god of slaughter. But now his followers slip into that again over time, rather than going from hero to serial killer in a single prayer.

A few less children screaming Blood for the Blood God! at the top of their lungs whenever you begin to discuss the lord of brass is always a nice thing.

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mirror /tg/ can piss off back to their home dimension.

This is a hilarious coincidence OP. Sounds like you're gonna have a fun campaign.

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Or you could make a "serves them right" anti-grey knight list. One that just happens to hold its own against all comers in 6th Edition.

>using second primary FOC
4x bloodthirster w/ blessing 255
4x 5 bloodletters 80
4x daemon prince w/ flight, might, mark of khorne, blessing 165

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Thanks for the input and to show my gratitude.

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