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Well damn.

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>red square

I suddenly felt horrible for everyone I've killed anywhere near that place.

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>Playing chaos
>Come across an Eldar Banshee, an Apothecary and a tactical Marine
>See the Eldar screaming
>Ha! Those fools of the false Emperor must be splattering that little morsel all over the walls. This will be a delightful scene that cannot be missed
>They're all just standing there
>The tac is saying over and over again "Just push honey... Almost there!"
>The banshee is screaming "BUT IT HURTS SO MUCH!"
>What in the living fuck is going on?
>Suddenly an Ork spawns in in front of them
>The Apothecary finally breaks his silence
>"Congratulations! It's a Boy!"

Search your hearts! You all know this is how it's going to turn out!

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What time is it?

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>walking home after work
>had to stay late
>it's a bit past midnight
>walk past an alley
>hear people yelling in it
>look down it carefully
>two natives (I live in Canada, natives are Canada's niggers) are trying to mug some guy
>pull back and get phone, start trying to call 911
>yelling starts to escalate
>hear smashing noises
>natives run out of alley a couple of seconds later
>one's nose/face is bleeding and other is just flat out running
>the other guy comes out of the alley
>looks really fit
>is holding what looks like a piece of a pallet
>glares over at me
>barely manage to speak
>"th-the Emperor protects"
>he drops the chunk of wood
>guy heads back down the alley and I head home

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Here's a little story of one of my most recent sessions:

>Be Pathfinder
>Be a Human Druid
>Universe is essentially "Heavy Metal" - the animated 1980's movie
>Teleported here randomly, trying to figure out what the fuck is going on, etc.
>Rescued by a bunch of soldiers from a nearby town, follow them there
>Get attacked by freaky shit on the way there
>An eyeball with feet and three arms shoots a beam and misses us, hitting a tree
>I get hit with the beam next turn, but manage to not get tumors and shit
>From then on, I boast that "I survived cancer"
>All the soldiers we were going with die
>Arrive at the town called "Shit Hole" and start working for a busty Princess
>(if you've seen Heavy Metal, you understand that we all look like Greek Gods and all the women are hot as hell)
>Asked to investigate some farms that might have been attacked by an Evil Queen
>Watch a dying warthog melt and reveal that it was partially mechanical
>I am confused as fuck, being a druid and all
>We find a farm - big surprise it's fucking trashed
>Investigate the mill which shouldn't be working but is for some reason
>Inside are zombies that are preparing some sort of recipe (we thought they were making booze at first)
>Their recipe is clearly summoning something: we bolt out of there and I light a spark
>Inadvertantly blow myself up, but survive
>Out of the wreckage, an ANGRY GIANT MUFFIN ATTACKS US

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Azathoth 2012!

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No clue, anon. I should probably go sacrifice some goats anyway, though.

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>mfw I tried with a 4 seater

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Oh god

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we have too many threads where we regale each other with feats of greatness

let's have a thread where things went absolutely terribly/you completely and utterly failed.

i'll start: last session i was ass raped with a knife while the rest of my group sat by and did nothing.

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His siblings are dead terrified of him, his mother is spineless and didn't tell him about his condition (in fact, I told him after hearing it from my mother who heard it from his) and his father gave him most of his political and social opinions. I went to their place for dinner once. Mentioned how I was studying to become an ESL teacher and was told that I shouldn't waste my time on chinks and sand niggers.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the primary reason I want to stay right the fuck away from this guy: he wants to indulge in cannibalism. Not out of curiousity, but because he thinks it's a fantastic idea that should be accepted by society. He's not an aspie, he's a fucking psychopath.

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>mfw all the images this image conjures in my brain and how much I love it and how cool it is omg

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Motherfucking solifuges, mang. Those things creep me right the fuck out.

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I'm in the process of trying out the Mass Effect World of Darkness homebrew posted on /tg/ a few days ago and it got me thinking. I love the system, and the mod's pretty well made, it's just that it isn't complete. It's very incomplete, I found my group homebrewing something every ten minutes or so (biotic powers and engineering powers have been frustrating).

So, what I'm asking is if anyone has a more complete Mass Effect RPG somewhere on the web, or a system good for homebrewing it. I was thinking of just converting over to Savage Worlds, but my group's been playing an awful lot of that system so I'm looking for a change up.

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When unprotected skin freezes 40 seconds out the door

when you can chuck mugs of water out the back door and watch them freeze midair

when your piss freezes before it hits the ground

Then you can bitch about the cold

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>mfw when people claim plate was of any use against arrow volleys.


Learn something you illiterate fucks.

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>dat pic

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Scroll down and you will find some good ones.

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