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Cathay had rules and shit that shared a lot with Nippon. So it had Ki-rin and shit. This was 3rd edition; not 2nd. You guys don't know what you're talking about. First and Second edition were basically D&D lite. 3rd edition is when GW started fleshing shit out of their own.

Nippon got fucking models, pic fucking related.

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And if you want to go even further back...

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Nippon. Cathay.

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Ya, rly!

Well, it was something like that, anyway. There is a flow chart somewhere of showing how many factions and how each edition had less and less.

1st Edition was essentially D&D.

Pic related.

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>Nippon and Cathay are mentioned, but don't have models, guess they're a faction too, right?

If you don't know jack shit about the earlier editions, why bother taking about them? It's not like anyone would be upset about it, this is obscure shit from the late 1980's-1990's after all.

But actually, yes. Factions that don't currently exist, including Nippon and Cathay all had fluff, official models, and official army lists.

[pic related] was C22, a "Nippon Rocket Crew" from Games Workshop. From an advertisement in White Dwarf.

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