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This is how I shapeshifter.

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If you have the players get saved by something, make it a "heroic sacrifice" sortof save, with the players later being chewed out for being stupid enough to get someone killed.

It's a lot easier to plan around, and easier for the players to appreciate than MISTER DM SELF-INSERT THE LORD OF TERRASQUE FIGHTING

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That's really good, makes me want to play in this setting even more.

>Writefagging about home cities
Oh the joys of living in a backwater Texas village.

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Call of Cthulu doesn't have Lamias.

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[Insert pointless retort, stating that my opinion > your opinion]

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Hiya, /tg/! I've got a bit of a problem.

I've got two troublesome players, those guys, in my Dark Heresy group. Like, shooting a Commisar in the face for telling him what to do when he's just a guardsman, or a loot-hog named Dash who acts like she's in charge of everything. The Inquisition, the Imperium, everything. She also tends to steal loot from others. The other players are tired of this, as am I, the GM, and talking to those guys has failed, so I think it's time for GM frontier justice.

Give me your best way to murder Those Guys' shitty characters. I want brutal, I want overkill, I want a horrible shitfest of a slaughter, I want blood, guts, and bones.

Hardmode: Think of a way to disguise it as something other than THE GM AND THE OTHER PLAYERS FUCKING HATE YOU, ENJOY YOUR DEATH.

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You got e-poon from a /tg/ drawfriend?

You sold your spells for tang. For shame.

Here's some mechanicus.

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This is so bad so it's good

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Well fuck you, I can turn into a car. Because of Creed.

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>different meaning

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emperor is screwed

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>this thread

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