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For a very rules-lite game, I'm making armor add to HP total (a good armor adds to 10 HP, light armor adds just 3).
That means that if you have 10 HP + 3 armor; you get 13 HP.
Yeah, there will be that awkward moment when that character is only 2 hp left, then takes off the armor to cross a river and... suddently you're -1hp! Just kidding, I will probably rule that the character is very very weak but ok anyways.
There is also the problem of Scenery armor. Shooting somebody that is behind a wall. Well, we can fix that with a penalty to the damage roll. OK.
What other unconfortable situations can happen by this ruling? I want to get ahead the problems it can give me.
Is armor=extra HP autistically ok for /tg/'s hivemind?

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Longer than you have left to live...

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like this but way faster?

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So, how hard would it be to build a perpetual beyblade as a character?

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This... is where things go poorly for me. I forgot to mention this, but CK was late. He ended up not showing up until roughly 45 minutes into the session. You'll... *sigh* You will know when he gets into the game.

As I said, I left all my shit in my room. It is not on the way to the teleporting room. How unfortunate. So I'm running with not even a dagger on me, just magic Glamour armor, magic brass knuckles, an Ion Stone, and the Artifact which happens to summon an Earth Elemental. The elemental can change size without changing stats, I have a psychic link with it so I control it on its turn, and the stone also let's me cast Shape Stone as many times as I like. Pretty badass Artifact, but not 100% useful atm. I did summon the elemental and send it to my room to fetch my shit, but that didn't work of course. Bugger everything.

So CK and I are running down the hallway, and the slightly higher level group of npcs is running behind us when one of the bad fuckers steps out of thin air between us. Npc group skids to a halt, and I go oh fuck, I need to distract this bitch.
"Hey, CK is running next to me, right?"
>Yeah, sure. Slightly ahead of you maybe.
"Ok. I grab a random dagger off his belt and throw it at her to distract her."
>Sure, give me a roll.

By some miracle I hit her. Yay- oh it went through her and suddenly I took the damage? Well that sucks. Almost as much as having a whole 5 health left does. I hope I don't sneeze too hard or trip and slam into a wall. Anyway, what the DM didn't tell me is that while CK should have had multiple daggers on him because he'd looted some and Rangers start out with multiple daggers, CK's player neglected to fill this in on his sheet. The DM could only find one fucking dagger on him. The one he inherited. Again, CK's player wasn't here, so he couldn't stop this and the DM let it happen without warning me. I wasn't aware of this until after I'd thrown it. Fuckin great.

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Probably makes me a dick, but I'd kick the bard in the nuts IRL. Especially if we'd already been at the beer.

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Where the hell do you people find games for this? All I can ever find is pathfinder/D&D a shit.

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google "(Insert class) handbook 3.5" They have a list of builds that you can build toward.

I'm not sure if the backup for DnD tools is still around but there was a battle dancer class that was a capoeira man essentially, and I also searched for every feat that had the word "kick" in it to make a Taekwondo guy. Flying kick, roundabout kick, snap kick.

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Hey, this is a question for thise of you that have tried your hand at game design. How do you design a magic system without having to spent hours upon hours on writing spell lists?

Seems to me that you could do a reasonable system without those. I don't really find the idea of having them compelling, compared to a system that allows more flexibility and freedom. But I guess it still needs a bit more definition than "Try to do whatever, GM tells you how difficult it is."

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* Your attempt to muscle through to the Wellspring is defiantly not appreciated by the Moles. At a high pitched whistle, many many Moles begin scrambling out of the earthworks, armed with sprears and muskets, to repel the intruder. You snap your fingers and light up the front row, and prepare to throw down with the rest of them.


* You gain [Predator Stealth], you aren’t literally invisible, but your skin camouflages yourself against you surrounding, not like a chameleon, since that is actually a myth but you are really hard to spot by mortals

* You can’t seem to find any humans to eat though, so you settle for a passing bird instead.


* I honestly just feel bad for you at this point, so I am just going to give you it. You gain [Ghost Trick+], you aren't sure how this works, but you can take objects that have a similar shape, and swap their places, regardless of size or weight.

* The police are starting to identify the presence of a being who seems to be against the criminals, they can’t find any evidence that he exists, but the mysterious messages being left at crime scenes is a cause for investigation, 2/3 [Terror Tactics]

* [Anatomy] Get.


* The Junta, that will be your name now, you acquire a mask from a nearby store, with the money from the stolen steel you gain a sword, not that fake blunted shit, an actual “folded one million time can cut baka gaijin armour like butter” katana for all the trimmings. You are totally fucking ready to mess some dudes up.

Part 2/???

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Oh I almost forgot, the King In Yellow's ultimate plan is to uncover the Emperor's true name in Enuncia.
It really was hard to follow in the beginning, but I thought Abnett did a good job of showing the world through Bequin's eyes, I.e. ignorant.

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