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Edit. 1k points isn't enough for 2 Doom bulls. That plan won't work. Disregard.

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What about 2 Hive guard (100 points) + 1 Zoanthrope (60 points) + 1 Warrior with boneswords and a Devourer? that is exactly 200 points and legal according to the pre set rules. it also brings in anti tanks (just in case rhino) awesome shooting (spike rifles and devourer) and a nasty close combat machine (boneswords).

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Uncaring self-bump.
>Can no-one help me?
>And no, we aren't telling each other what we're picking before we start. So it'll be a nice surprise for everyone.

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Why are all of the NSFW stories on 1d4chan about rape? Why all the rape /tg/? are we really that bad? I don't even know anymore.

Why can't we just have nice consensual sex in the missionary position? why does an ork have to rape a dead space marine in the ass?

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>Black Jack is still blue.

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He wore his full set of armor, not even having removed his helm. He is larger than the average Space Marine, and carried his signature Crozius, Fag-Basher. It is platinum, and shaped like a great fist holding an Imperial Aquila token with the middle finger extended.
The Reclusiarch tilted his head slightly in acknowledgment of my presence and sat himself down upon a commode near the one I was seated upon. I quickly expelled the contents of my bowel, and experienced another tortured minute while the Reclusiarch violently did the same with much loud swearing and oath making. It was then that I realized that the commodes in this lavatory did not have a bidet function like most toilets of the modern Imperium. I had just turned to ask the Reclusiarch how his Chapter went about cleansing themselves when I saw him reach out to one of the copies of the Codex Astartes. He opened it, and Emperor preserve us all, ripped a page from it, and began cleaning his backside! I cried out,
" "This...THIS IS HERESY!!"

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DM wouldn't let me play a Tau, so I tried to play a Gue'vesa, but that didn't fly either. Instead played a former IG who got recruited to the Inquisitor's team and ended up getting his hands on Tau weaponry. Thats the closest I got. Feels bad.

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No he's not you dipshit, he's talking about how design principles completely just flew over your head.

If it favors a color like that, why the fuck is it a five color card? "Because I want a 5 color card cycle hurr durr." That's not imagination, that's you doing stupid shit for the sake of doing stupid shit. It's bad fucking design.

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Rolled 10, 36, 27 = 73

Oh lawd

pic related skargan

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There's only room for one eternally angry chapter in this universe, friend.

And it ain't the pussy green one.

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If you wanna go full autist with it, you can always say his helmet was an improvised weapon.

Also bending the rules in favor of fun and badassery is never wrong.

4/10 got me to reply.

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YFW a redshirt at your local Gdubs won't let you use a model that you've completely scratchbuilt, with all GW-specific parts (skulls, purity seals, etc) hand-sculpted from greenstuff and plasticard because "it's not made of GW materials".

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Episode 1 was 13 years ago.

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Man, I wish I was as cool as OP

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>expecting /tg/ to do all the hard work

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Speaking of GK's

>A friend and I are starting WH40K together
>I told him I will be playing Chaos
>Order My Daemon Prince and Noise Marines
>A week later, he tells me he has decided to play GK
The Angry Marines were no more then mere children compared to the burning hate I felt that day

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rolled 15 = 15


(any chance we can find a firestorm near here?)

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So the 40k FAQ's are UP. (6th Edition)
Anything special?

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You're not getting my shit, asshole!

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