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How she eats it with those teeth is beyond me.

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Oh hey! For all you guys asking about Flare!

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OK a different IRL Cultist-chan

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The JANITOR is arbitrarily deleting threads. Any threads he dislikes. He's not sticking to what rules the moderator has laid down in the sticky or any kind of consistent behavior. He just deleted about a dozen threads about Cultist-Chanbo. Why? Because he didn't like it.

Is this what we want in our janitors? I say no. E-mail moot today and ask for a new janitor and/or mod for /tg/.

[email protected]

Ask for a new janitor - or ask that we go back to not having one. Either way, it's better than what we have now.

For the Emperor!

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" Faaaaark! "

" Fhooork! "

" Phaaaack! "

...Yeah I can't quite see it myself either

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