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The adept did tell you to remain stationary, might be best not to touch anything. You mean, if you did - something might break. But.. looking is alright. Probably. You first gently creep across the floor towards the cognitators on your way across the room - tempted to look over those odd techy-looking items on the shelf. Looking over the shoulders of the servitors it seems they are attending the scholias ventilation and power consumption systems, security for the gates as well.. you can tell by the flashing symbols on the screen that "everything is alright" - its what the green skull means. At least, that is what it meant on the ship. Continuing your curiosity streak you approach the shelf - the items are of varied design, and you can't really tell what they are for, ones some sort of cross - another looks like a piece of a pipe. On in particular is interesting, a tiny piece of something with a slowly rotating stick attached to its top, you lean in closer interested in seeing how the thing is connected when suddenly it lets out a spark of lightning, arching itself around the stick for like a snake coiling around a tree - startled you fumble backwards, grasping for something to stop you from falling

You grab the nearby table, that suddenly roars into life. Turning around you see the once black screen of the tables top light up in green shimmering light, spreading out across your visual spectrum - buildings appear for you to see, you recognize the layout of the scholia - seeing the tower, the dinning hall some parts are obscured by large unknown symbols or lines of scrolling text in a language you can't seem to either read, or keep up with. Panicky you realize you've just done something really bad, your probably not suppose to touch this thing... waving your hand in the air as if trying to swoop away the pictures does nothing aside from moving them around, enlarging parts or shrinking them. You feel cold sweet run down your neck

>What do we do?

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You grasp at one of the guns, as you hear the commissar chatter in the background - for some reason however you can't seem to quite make it out, sound in general seems.. lost on you for a moment as all you can seem to think off is the smell of burnt meat, the same smell you'd find inside a burned out ventilation shaft, it seemed to get to you, as the group begins moving - your legs follow as you cradle the black metal piece in your hands but your mind seems vacant - its odd really, you try to focus but the eyes.. the single eye on the ground, crushed by a boot seems to re emerge inside your mind, over, and over again - your thoughts seem to slow to a crawl, as if the pink substance from before had somehow gotten inside your own brain, clogging it down... your barely aware of the Commissar suddenly announcing you are to split, and run in separate directions.

It takes one of the burly men jabbing at you with a arm for you to suddenly sprint into action.

And you sprint..

Before long you simply stumble into a hole, rather by mistake then any design on your part - it hurts, a bit, but its not to bad - that's when your bowels suddenly give in, and you feel yourself hurling over the brown parched ground, your lunch comes up first, and just when you think its all over the smell hits you and another wave of pure bile forces its way up your throat, you aren't sure, when you finely manage to pull yourself together how long you've hurled for, but its been long enough to manage to coat your own jacket in it... but right now, you don't quite seem to care, as you notice the black weapon resting next to you - discarded on the ground.

"Fight to the death"

You grasp at it with trembling fingers...

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Also, speaking as a 40k fag, just write what you want to write. Lotta people on /tg/, with a lot of different interests.

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What is the one thing that you wish /tg/ had Gotten Done?

Pic related for me. I'm just curious about the long history of failure that /tg/ has had.

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>It's bad

Hah, that's tempting me to open up the old saved thread. The first thread, there were people saying how great it was and begging for more.

But maybe people had shit taste six years ago in the small pool of readers on /tg/ back then.

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There was a legend.

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I hope it's to go on to better things. I don't understand how an artist of her caliber ended up on /tg/ in the first place.

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Not OP, just that other guy who wrote a handful of shorts in a disturbingly similar setting. I adore the setting and enjoy fleshing it out with other people.

>craftery she
Too easy CAPTCHA.

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>Remember when love bloomed on the battlefield, /tg/?
>Me neither.

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That sounds very familiar.....

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Holy shit, where the Hell did I put the Titan's Playground pic? I HAVE FAILED MYSELF FOR THE LAST TIME

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Just saw a Lofndaaaaw thread that was flooded with "HERESY!"

Subsequently voted the hell down. Surprised me.

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I will save you.

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