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For some reason, I get the feeling that fleshcrafting has the potential, as a broad magical school, to be just as game changing as industrialized necromancy.

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It isn't long before you once again find yourself standing in the center of that dilapidated campsite. The corpses of those three plant beast you killed are still frozen, though parts of them have been freed of the ice and dangle limply. You note that the passage to the shrine is missing, instead where it should be there is merely smooth stone wall. You find that inordinately unsettling.

>Chrys and Profectus are the ones who have been all the way down to the lift, have them lead.
>Try to clear out that collapsed tunnel. Fulvia knows Earth Magic, and between the two of you it should be manageable.
>Unfreeze those plant monsters so you can extract their poison glands. You might be able to use them for... something.

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“I believe now is the time for a tact-” You don't have time to finish your sentence before Captain Darzi is already bolting as fast as she can for the door. How comforting to know that the El-Amin guard is lead by such brave and capable people. Granted you're not far behind her.

The two of you practically burst through the front door and sprint towards the comforting sight of your bridge, still standing strong against the buffeting of the river. You risk a glance behind you to see just what it is chasing you, and you immediately regret the decision. Tearing its way through the door frame is a creature more plant than animal. You count at least ten 'eyes' on its head and more at the tips of the numerous tentacles sprouting from its back and arms. Its main method of propulsion seems to be a slug-like tail, but it pulls itself with long, ungainly arms. Where its mouth should be, hair-like cilia surround a maw larger than your fist lined with several rows of sharp teeth.

There is no way that creature is natural, and you'd like nothing to do with it. Ever. If it was up to you, you would like to go back in time and find the man or woman who invented such a horrible monstrosity and murder them before they could dare to conceive of such a thing. You tear yourself away from looking at the beast and pull yourself onto the bridge, starting to make your way across. Unfortunately the creature isn't far behind, and it's preparing to leap at you.

>Dive! Into the water!
>Run faster damn it!
>Try to freeze it in place! (1 Vys)
>Try to erect a wall of ice between you and it! (2 vys)
>Screw water magic, fire! Kill it with fire! (Ranged Fireball: 2 vys)

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Within a few minutes, a very confused Dervish hefted Wildcard's nickel-plated predator, adorned in an armor jacket and helmet.

"You guys…are we runners? Am I a runner who lost my memory? Is that's what's happening? Why does this city look so spooky?"

"Yes, yes, yes," said Bend. "And we're in the Shadow Metaplanes."

Dervish gave him a blank look.


Dervish gulped. Bend looked to Wildcard.

"Where's the fifth?"

"Funny you should mention that," said Wildcard, fiddling with his commlink. "It's incoming."

The entire team ducked for cover (even Dervish, seemingly operating on instinct) as a burst of gunfire shattered the stairway door, the ambient shadows in the gun smoke coalescing into rough facsimiles of armed guards.

"Corpsec wraiths," commented Locke. "Hell has stopped being subtle. OPEN FIRE!"

As the team used cover fire from Wildcard and Locke (manifesting as a thompson submachine gun and a ray of searing light, respectively) to move to the fire escape, the shadows around them began coalescing into new and increasingly threatening shapes. Somewhere in the distance, a helicopter's rotors sounded, although the sound was distorted, imperfect, and wrong, as though belonging to a vehicle-sized creature attempting to merely imitate a helicopter,


Dervish fired wildly at the shadows, periodically striking true and dropping a screeching demon.



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Okay. Thanks for the upload, and sorry for not tending to the thread more. Playing DoTA in between bumps

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This would make a really cool LN creature to have meet my PCs on their travels, and give them some riddles or twisted bargains or something. I don't know, I was just struck by sudden inspiration when I saw this.


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I am the truth

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hey /tg/
what music do you you for your campaings or what would you like to use.
im planning to run a CthulhuTech campaing and use Silent Hilll soundtrack

even whe it is better for a Call of Cthulhu one

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Okay, so far here's what I'm thinking;

Imp who dresses very well, not very combat oriented, prefers charisma, diplomacy, and intellect over fighting. Writes contracts with ridiculous loupholes that most people fall for. When combat is necessary, he chooses stealth and mostly fights from distance.

Can I pull this off rules-wise? I'm starting at level 1.

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This, and this:

I've always felt that Aliens need to be presented as completely foreign and nearly impossible to empathize with on any real level, at least at first. First contact with any species should be a time of nail-biting stress, hostility isn't necessarily a given, but misunderstandings are,

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Perhaps we should review the fact that each sect has a specific "party role" it fills well. YotT are strong brute force combatants/excavators, SSS are manipulators and controllers, SotSK are great information gatherers and senders and helpful for transportation, SotYS are strong mental harassment and field altering agents, and CotBP are good convincers, disguisers, and have a lot of contacts.

Perhaps our servants of Nyarlathotep (and maybe Hastur) should have some inherent ability to slightly mask their mutations and even those of others around them.

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I may be starting MORDHIEM soon. I must admit, I am pretty excited. How does /tg/ like this game? I believe we will be starting with the basic factions - so only the official ones. I can easily put together an Orc warband, or I can kit-bash either carnival of chaos or Possessed. I have to admit, I would like to do possessed.

What is the basic play-style of these factions. What differences can I expect - not having played fantasy in a while. Does anyone on /tg/ play mordhiem?

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ITT: horrors.

Gonna play a Summoner in Pathfinder soon, looking for nightmarish monster pics for inspiration.

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as long as your character is NOT suicidal or retarded, yes. Basic rules:
Never pick a fight with a werewolf. I don't care if you are one too, just don't do it.
If a group of older supernaturals are speaking, and you don't know what's going on, keep your mouth shut and listen. Nothing they say will be honest, but you can gauge how much they hate each other by how much they pretend to like each other.
If you must fight, FIRE WORKS. Don't worry about specific weaknesses and exploiting esoteric lore, light it on fire and THEN get fancy.
Do NOT do anything supernatural in front of humans. There are more hunters with sniper rifles in the world than there are supernaturals of all types combined.
Secrecy is your friend.

Really, the only way to screw up in WoD is to actively try to pick fights and butt-in unannounced/unwanted. If you keep it in your pants, you stay alive. Just like the real world.

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