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Thanks, mang.

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Hey guys. Just wanted to hear your opinions on a setting I've been thinking and tinkering on for a while. First a bit of background. I've been playing in a rather long-running Dark Ages: Mage game, and my best friend is gamemastering it. Since I'm his best friend and can keep secrets well, he's used me as a springboard for plot ideas and told me some info on the other characters in the game. This is a high-powered game, with consequences that can be far-reaching as hell. Anyhow, a while ago some stuff came up that could basically ensure that a reunified China under Mongol rule with heavy support from mages would come to dominate the world. At the same time, my old character had died and probably gone on to become Charon down in the Underworld (homebrewing everywhere, and lots of wishful thinking on my part). But none of the things required to make my setting work has actually happened in the game (and probably won't - the characters are currently in India and jumping around both space and time like mad). But just so you know why the background is so fucked up, there it is. I'll supply some images too, to keep the thread somewhat attractive (since I doubt my setting will be so very appealing to you guys).

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So /tg/, I want to run a Science Fantasy game and go all out on the fantasy side of it. Essentially DnD IN SPACE. So laser guns and fireballs are just as common as each other, you'll probably end up fighting cyborg kobolds at some point, spaceships with FTL drives that literally run by magic, and so on.

What sort of things would a party in such a setting encounter? Any scale works, so stuff in space and planetside are both fine.

One of the ones I've come up with so far is an ancient jumpgate which was used to stabilize a wormhole to god knows where. The wormhole has since collapsed, but the colossal planet-sized ring and the two massive statues flanking either side of it, built to appear as though holding the gate up for ships to pass through, are still perfectly intact. The player party will be wondering if they can find a way to re-open the wormhole if they board the massive superstructure.

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>modified usendoc

It i a modified dock Captcha, how observant of you

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Filthy Xenos aren't worthy of the Emperors bandwidth.

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I've played Cyberpunk 2020 before. It was pretty easy going on rules if I remember. I would GM myself but, the only people I know who'd play around me are two friends and myself and I'd rather play then GM another game. So I mean if you wanna do it, that'd be awesome. Otherwise I'll continue yelling at my friends for not wanting to play anything but 3.5

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nobooody knows... the trouble I've seeeen. Noobooody knows, but jesus...

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i mean we're sci fi and fantasy the board really, but officially we're basement nerds the board.

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