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> tfw the manly alpha elf with a beard

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I'm happy as fuck I stayed up for this.

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I think we should stick to building and planning stuff. Fuck fighting crime.

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>Survive the Arena
>Speech Bubble Killers the Numidium/Dwemer
>Badass Magitech
>Neck dancing on Morag Tong Assassins
>Cool art, weird music from contributors
>Goddamn Pseudo-Sixth House, nigga

But in the end, Vivec is the prom queen and ends reality, giving birth to a baby literally made out of flowers than dreams a new dream.

We survived the Arena and all we got is a fucking dumpster baby made out of flowers.


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my n'wah

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>the number of votes

Mmhmm... sure.

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ITT: shit tier adventurers. Legendary in their shitness, really.

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>Whenever you gain life, put that many +1/+1 counters on this creature.

If the 10 life gain triggers, Sunbond give the enchanted creature 10 +1/+1 counters.

The Archangel of Thune's ability will only give it one extra +1/+1 counter though, you're right about that.

captcha: most virgen :(

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>Perhaps the destruction/transcendence thing deserves a different terminology then, since both are with the intent of transcendence. Active and passive would be the bare alchemical terms.
Sure, that works.

>Also, IIRC MK mentioned that Walk-Brass was intentionally made with the possibility of using it to destroy Mundus.
Now that just seems redundant. But if that were the case, then I suppose that would make Walk-Brass both.

>Plus, you know, its destruction is more than just stepping on things.
But of course. Reading MK refer to it as a "Big Stompy Robot" has worn off on me a bit.
>It's not the Brass God that wrecks everything so much as it is all the plane(t)s and timelines that orbit it, singing world-refusals.

>I'll try to throw together an infographic in a minute.

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>mfw Japanese Buddhism westernized before Japan did
>mfw most branches of Buddhism are your everyday deity belief systems, where people sacrifice to the boddhisatvas, that hipster internet "buddhists" mock other religions over
>mfw the select few ones that had the good sense to go full esoteric mysticism are super-exclusionary and would never share the indepth parts of their faith with non-monks

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>Zurin Arctus

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I'm not even going to vote. This is going to end poorly no matter which way this vote goes.

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WoW isn't better than TES and TES isn't better than WoW. Opinions diverge.

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I guess /tg/ never does learn from past mistakes.

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>not doing both

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He has a point, Dunmer become the best in any field they pursue. They're stronger than Altmer or Dunmer, and more powerful in magic than any of the Men. This fucker right here could wreck any altmer mage, as well.

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>needing an excuse

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To be fair, you did bring up something as massively stupid as ebony and glass being commonplace in Cyrodil as if it was anything else but gameplay mechanics. It's easy to see how someone could consider you to be either mentally handicapped or trolling.

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