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Ok, /tg/, I guess I've got a quandry.

So, this is my Commissar Lord, meant to work with my beastmen guardsmen. To reflect the fact he murders them, he's got the head going, and the PF for obvious reasons.

However, I guess, I'm not really happy with him. I dunno, he just doesn't seem that interesting to me. Do you feel the same way? And if so, what would you do to improve him?

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And the Commissar that leads the beastmen.

I still can't decide if I want to stay with him, or go for something that sticks out a bit more.

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However, even this will can break, and so the Catachans second one of their best to fight with the horde. As beastmen who don't fight are worthless to the Catachans, the man is there as much to ensure they continue to fight as to lead them, and quickly kills any of his charges that shows even a hint of retreating.

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