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>Being so far out of the closest that we can tell you are a flaming homo on an anonymous image board
Impression... Most impressive

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Oh jeez.

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My African brother! Gahiji needs more love.

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There is also magic bullshit that would obviously be banned in a tournament, but not in a duel.
Yup and you have to remember that fucker was in the last person we fought serious with.
He is either gonna continue being a dick or get some humility beaten into him(i'm half expecting for shit to go down at some point)
Waiting while my ban wears off in a few min.
The sword we have is special to use, so i suggest getting some daggers instead of replacing the sword.Also i don't want to weigh our selves down too much since we seem more like the type to not carry much.
We should also ask the magic stuff to the lewd mage as well.
Here is a question do we get money or XP?
Its still a good idea to keep things simple.
The counter sytem broke the games
Can we set up a meeting with sylvie as well?
Yeah the turkey joke is getting old.

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