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I want to think this makes sense.

I imagine a few paladins have been in this scenario (maybe after a potential fall?), and been more or less reinvented in such a way.

Devotion's a helluva drug.

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For Star Command beyond the point of infinity.

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You talking shit about my Spiritual Liege and his Ultramarines, m8?

It's not like every space marine is a total dick like Avitus.

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I think the kid on that picture is supposed to be Lil' E. The Emperor reincarnated as a kid, and that is having a nice cool youth before he can be big enough to save humanity.

Not really a /tg/ OC, but whatever, cool comic

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Ultramarines bro.

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according to the Ultramarine books yeah. but the people there are a different too. they don't have tithes but instead actually volunteer to join the IG. and the idea that not doing your part to help the Imperium is completely foreign to them.

being able to vote and have a senate to represent them helps too.

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>Ultras are bros.
it is known.

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i have many MANY problems with McNeill's Ultramarines novels but the way the realm is depicted is not one of them.

also the Ultramarines are one of the few bro-tier chapters that are still able to succeed. unlike the Lamenters.

problem i have is the shocking number of chapters that have to compare themselves to the Ultramarines and flip them off just so they can seem cool. Minotaurs, Hammers of Dorn, Black Templars.

just seems sad really.

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So I went to the Tournament I talked about the other day.

I indeed took advice from some of you guys, I dropped the trukk, got a total of 20 boyz that served as a blanket for my lootaz, but I kept the flash gitz.

I fought against a ork, a dark eldar, and a khorne space marine army. I was able to table the ork player(far too much shooty and he was footslogging assault), killed 800ish of the dark eldar, giving him only 120 of mine(3 meganobs), and 800ish of the khorne player, giving him 60 of mine(lost 2 meganobs, but if you dont destroy the entire squad(i had 3) you only get half points, if you destroy less you get none, if you destroy the entire squad only then will you get all the points of it).

Flash gitz did well, being so 'ard thanks to cybork and 2 wounds, I never lost half or more of the squad. Plus rolling a 1 on my d6 pen against khorne zerkers kind of screwed him over.

I got third place out of 12 players, first place was someone who tabled all 3 of his opponents(and was tau) but i never got to fight him. I might have tabled the other 2 if they didn't keep their guys behind a rock at the table edge. I had no line of sight and couldn't get there in time walking.

I mostly made this thread to say thanks, I had my boyz attack a hellbrute early on, which tied him up THE ENTIRE 6 TURN GAME because he could only kill 1 or 2 boyz(of 20) a turn. They would have ran if I used the points for a trukk, and the trukk would have given him points.

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So, I had a question /tg/; Does anyone know of any good online resource for playing legitimate RPG's online, or maybe a forum where people organize Skype games?

May be moving soon, so I don't want to get involved with a local group only leave them suddenly.

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I would hardly consider one Captain giving a "Let's show those Codex-dissing pansies how a proper Chapter does things" speech in order to hype up his men before battle as proof that the Ultramarines are prideful or douchy.

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You guys always claim the Ultras are conceited and arrogant.

Got any evidence of that, guys? Or are you just hating on the Ultramarines?

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>Being so prideful that you shove it in everyone else's face about how awesome you are and how perfect you are and your daddy was a big guy in imperial politics.
>I dislike the Ultramarines because of how "By the book" and overly proud they are. Shoving the codex down everyone's throat is a dick move. I also dislike how they are the BEST OF THE BEST AND EVERYONE WANTS TO BE THEM.

Are the Ultramarines ever actually portrayed as arrogant douchebags in canon stories, or is it entirely invented by people cherry-picking quotes from the 5ED Codex?

In the portrayals I've seen and read of them, the Ultramarines are one of the top 3 bro-tier First Founding Legions (along with Blood Angels and Salamanders).

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>be ultramarine
>be effective in battle while looking out for the well being of imperial citizens.
>feels like the least i can do.

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Things are alright.
Macragge and the rest of Ultramar is still space sparta where you join the military at the age of 8. but people are content enough to the point where they actually volunteer to join the Guard.

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agreed. i think the Ultras are cool when they are written properly like in KNF or in Fall of Damnos. where you actually see them using tactics rather than just running in swords drawn into gunfire.

though if i could change one thing I'd like to see more fluff about other companies and characters rather than just the 2nd.

also i want Ventris to die. McNeil is focused on getting us to like him that he has actually thrown the entire Ultramarines chapter and the Codex under the bus in order for his self insert to seem cool

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>greatest loyalist chapter there is.

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I like my ultras as both romans and reasonable.

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This is how I march for Macragge.

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because of reasons.

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>Implying the Ultramarines aren't humble.

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