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Who is pic related?

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40k obviously

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Don't worry, actually playing Exalted would be FAR more disappointing.

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This thread is now Chaos.

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Don't bother. They're terrified of all these decent female characters showing up with increasing frequency in HH books.

Ephrenia, Corax's sister. Tawren, Calth's techpriest heroine. Lotara, who makes World Eaters nervous. Alivia, whom the Emperor couldn'tve done without. Rassuah, Space Marine getaway artist. Taye, Sevatar's favorite pilot. Euten, grandma who's not afraid to give Night Haunter the finger.

And Malcador saying that all the Primarchs should've been ladies anyway.

It's still mostly a book about the boys, and changing that is neither possible nor even necessary, but neckbeards cry whenever the girls get to play too. BL's writers seem more than happy to stir up the nerdrage in this way, among may others.

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He doesn't.
He is a vegetable.
He judges no one.
He does nothing.
Purity in his eyes is less than worthless.

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The only thing better than Female Space Marines is Female Chaos Space Marines.

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Rolled 12 (1d12)

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i am about to play black crusade for the first time and me and my buddy are going to be angry marine khorne berserkers. what should i expect?

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What is the difference between to fights who love nothing more than to kill and cause death; their only difference is that one worships Khorne while the other worships Slaanesh.

It is said that many of Khorne's followers not only kill out of hatred but out of the joy of battle and death; were as a warrior of slaanesh would pretty much have the same motivations.(Assuming taking life is their vice and they feel sensation from it just as a noise marine would while booming away with his sonic blaster). The between worship would blur between the two as they would be empowering both gods. Yet BECAUSE they're empowering both, it would enrage them both most likely since Khorne and Slaanesh fucking hate each other.

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>that feel when no World Eater GF

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Friends that slay together stay together
[x]Funtiem now

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Isn't it obvious?

I would murder my family, cut their heads off and wear them as badges of my dedication to the Blood God.

I would force my girlfriend to fight me before, after, and during sex; offer her monthly blood to the god of battle, and I would turn my friends into warriors.

Those that keep up obviously aren't worthy of being Khorne's chosen and therefore must be sacrificed.

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I wish for the Imperium to fall.
I wish for their blood.
I wish for their skulls.

Wow this was easy. Thanks killer death genie.

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Hmm, a viral thread reveals a pretty in-depth discussion about a beyond stupid product that won't reveal anything about itself. For good reasons, fucking exp for periods. Good work, /tg/

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There was a thread about a guy asking where the decency in humanity has gone because someone stopped him from trading with a kid a bit ago, and I typed up a story to try to turn the theme different...

But as it was deleted, how about a thread about FLGS fuckups? Share your stories of facepalming as you watch your favorite hobby distributor mess up what seems like such an obvious and good thing of selling people marked up packs of cards and miniatures and hosting related events! Whatever made your interest in them go dark, I want to know, and maybe others can learn for the sake of their own interests. Mine follows:

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Also, that build is OP as fuck.

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The main issue is that while Ward is one of many tumors in the fluff, his crunch would be fine... If he were the ONLY person writing it.

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Well this thread took a sudden and interesting turn

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