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And back!
Now having a little Tau kid on the ship was more trouble then it was worth at first, little thing got into EVERYTHING. But Oogie was always on her tail and punishing her for going into places she wasn't supposed too. Then of course after being punished the first time Berry got sad, and Oogie hated seeing Berry cry, so he got an idea and quickly pulled from his stash some of his blueberries. Now while Berry is happy as a clam with the sweet tasty fruit, the rest of the crew is freaking out because Oogie doesn't share his berries with ANYONE. Sessions passed and things got silly at times with Berry on the ship, but the little tau kid grew on everyone, kinda like a team morality pet of sorts.As for the relation of Berry and Oogie, it was a lot like the Bulldog and kitten from Warner Brothers. Berry would get in trouble, Oogie would waggle his big meaty finger at her but she would just look cute and get off scott free as long as nothing serious or dangerous happened from her shenanigans. And if I had known what I knew now, the whole dog and kitten analogy would have been VERY accurate when I had been playing

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new game, more hookers

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