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The Emperor. He's a Man of Gold.

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Lady Malys likes him or at least values him because he's easy to manipulate and predict, being somewhat of a blunt instrument. On a personal level she can't fucking stand him and at least one Black Crusade has failed because she was running low on drugs, he said something that annoyed her and she slapped his stupid fucking head off and pleasured herself with the exposed spinal column before eating part of the corpse. He came back not long afterwards and it took him a long time to calm the fuck down.

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Hello! Do you have a moment to take a quick survey?

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With considerably less resources, man power, industrial base and friends.

It's like comparing Taiwan to China.

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...because we have blueberries?

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Tau thunder warriors.

Holy shit. I want this to be a thing.

The tau are molding humanity into something more like themselves.

They are creating human Fire Caste with a combination of limited gene-forging and discreet cybernetic upgrades. The deep end human fire caste are disturbingly similar in capability and, sadly, temperament to the Thunder Warriors of yore. They even named them Thunderers because the humans still have their old stories.

They have Earth Caste humans. Your basic everyman the largest caste by a long way. Some are augmented if the work is demanding enough to warrant it. The high end Earth Caste actually look a bit like art deco Tech-Priests. Some even maintain beliefs derived from the Mechanicus but modified to be compatible with the Greater Good.

They have Water Caste. The face men of the Empire to try and lure other human worlds in. Psykers usually end up in this caste as it helps with language barriers and mood reading/manipulation and lie detecting.

Air Caste humans are what happen when Tau get their hands on Navigator DNA. Sadly they didn't get a live specimen. They aren't good at splicing this set of genes because they are twisted and weird. 999 out of 1000 attempts end up either not forming a viable organism or end up hideously deformed and useless. The remaining 1 ends up as an average Navigator. 9 out of 10 fail the training requirements and are fit only to assist the remaining 1. Extremely expensive and time consuming but worth it for not shit warp travel.

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Hey /tg/, I was wondering, how do you all feel about quest threads? Particularly those pertaining to 40k and the various xeno races. I know /d/ has one going (watercaste diplomat) and it honestly reads more /tg/ worthy than /d/ worthy (few d scenes). But I was curious of how they held light here.

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Note: the lack of Ethereal prescience isn't troubling for Byon'shi Tau, but does cause problems for their relations with Kroot and Talliern soldiers, since they are not as methodical and patient and tend to act without supervision. To try and soldify relations with the Kroot, in exchange for free hunting of local creatures for their Shaping, Tau Cadres occasionally are allowed to hitch a ride with the Kroot on their single Warsphere, known as the Tre'Haus to the Tau.

The current Cadre given this honor is commanded by M'es M'es Shas'el Shas'O. (S?)He is probably the absolute worst choice for the job, for despite his skill with bonsai-shaping and tactics, he is not at all good at saying no to the Kroot if they demand he do something. Which, given the Kroot's rather dark sense of humor, means he's had to do a number of disguising and degrading things.

However, one of his Cadre grumble at these slights, for riding in Tre'Haus is one of the best ways for them to be on the front lines - especially since as of late most Cadres from Byon'shi have been used to help police recently captured worlds in the Third Expansion.

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Okay. Although I'm a bit worried about anti air. Several of my friends are playing elysians. One has 2 valkyries and a vulture. But there are also going to be a big mix of different armies which probably won't have flyers. The games are doubles so I'll have a friend with 800 points playing with me.

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This is another list I've been playing with since a friend says he'll give me one of his xv107 for like 30dollars.

Farsight Enclaves - 956pts.
>Commander O'Ralai (Experimental Sub-munitions Rifle)(2x Marker Drones)

>XV104 Riptide (Ion Accelerator; Twin Linked Plasma Rifles; Early Warning Override; Velocity Tracker)

>XV8 Crisis Team
>2x(Twin Linked Plasma Rifle)
>1x(Twin Linked Plasma Rifle)(2x Marker Drones)

>XV8 Crisis Team
>2x(Plasma Rifle; Missile Pod)
>1x(Plasma Rifle; Missile Pod)(2x Marker Drones)

Heavy Support:
>XV107 R'varna Battlesuit (2x Pulse Sub-munitions Cannons)

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You have my attention.

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Hello, friend gue'la! Do you have a few moments to talk about the Greater Good?

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Is this like the new Survey Tau?

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