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What's the /tg/ verdict on taking over established characters as PCs? My character was irreversibly killed and the DM asked me if I'm interested in playing a redeemed former antagonist. We just caught up (as in, individual party members did) with her power level and she has every motivation to try and avenge my previous character - it was his idea to spare her ass in the first place.

I'm interested in doing just that and the DM is ready to give me all the background materials on the character. But I've never done something like this and I understand it's not an established practice so I think there might be good reasons for this being the case that I've not considered.

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ITT: we describe the best groups we've had the chance to play with

let's make each other jelly, /tg/

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GMs, please tell us about the best group you've had the pleasure to GM for.

If none were that good, do share what you THINK an ideal group would be like.

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I did a bit of searching on foolz for a download link to the IDW D&D comic and actually managed to find one for mediafire provided by a helpful /co/mrade.

So if anyone still wants to download the D&D comic book series:

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Players, how do you come up with names for your PCs?

GMs, how do you come up with names for your NPCs? How do you keep them consistent within cultures?

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