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>3 kills
>1 no
>75% supermajority on 4chan
>mixed responses
>not sure if serious

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Hey, daemonettes only have dicks 50% of the time. It's sort of a Schrodinger's Cat kind of thing; you can't tell what you're going to get until you get it.

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But sir, sensation is our only window unto reality. For truly, what can you say you know but what your own senses reveal to you?

Philosophy exists in the mind alone. The deeper you explore its depths, the farther from the material you become, leaving you lost in an empty world of illusion.

No matter how profound your thoughts may become, they remain but thoughts, divorced from action. I gladly choose an existence of shallow materialism to stagnant contemplation.

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I'm playing an Assassin in DH, close-combat specced. One of my fellow players tells me that All-out Attack can be stacked with Lightning Attack, and can be combined with Furious Assault for four attacks per turn, all at +20 to hit. This seemed very suspicious. Is this legal?

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Our hearts and minds are slaves to the media.
Change that and the rest will follow.
This is not possible so long as females use Paris Hilton and her kind as role models.

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